Thursday morning 57 shelter dogs departed from the Las Cruces Airport in search of forever homes.

The nonprofit organization called Dog Is My CoPilot flies shelter animals all over the country.

Here in the Borderland, the shelters are all full. However, in Idaho, they have a low number of shelter animals, along with people eager to adopt. 

The pilot is Peter Rork, who flies the plane is the founder of Dog is My CoPilot. He started the organization seven years ago and has transported and relocated around 11,000 dogs. 

“For every dog, you save it takes a place and frees up a spot for another dog, so adopt don’t shop,” said Rork.

Fifty dogs from animal services and seven more from other local organization came to the Las Cruces International Airport for their flight. Unfortunately, only 53 were able to fit on the plane.

However, a Las Cruces family decided to take one of those left behind to foster him, until he can find a forever home. Which is something Animal Services encourages, especially as they enter their highest intake season.

“We will be receiving anywhere from 100 to 150 pets a day so clearing fifty kennels in one day is tremendous for us because that’s going to provide more space for the pets that are incoming into our shelter,” said Michele Anderson Public Affairs Coordinator El Paso Animal Services.

The 53 dogs that made it on the flight will soon be meeting their new families in Boise, Idaho. If you are interested in donating to make more of these flights possible you can go to