90 shelter pets will be taking the skies headed for California

Clear the Shelters

Ninety shelter pets are flying to California in hopes of finding their forever homes.

The pets are being flown thanks to an organization called Wings of Rescue, which allows animal services to send pets to other shelters throughout the country. This allows El Paso Animal Services to make space at its shelter.

Wednesday’s flight isn’t new for the canines, however, this will be the first time Wings of Rescue transports cats by plane.

“We need space at the shelter,” said Paula Powell, Director of Animal Services. “We had a very long winter, lots of animals coming in so making room will give us a little bit of a relief this spring season.” 

A total of about 90 pets will be taking to the skies, including 20 dogs and 70 cats. In California, they will have a fresh opportunity at a forever home, while the El Paso shelter can bring in more cats and dogs. 

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