What do you think is the most pressing issue El Paso is facing right now? How do you plan to mitigate? 

The Brain Drain is the most pressing issue. We have stagnant wages and we are losing more people than any other city in the United States. As Mayor, I will work to diversify our economy to offer higher paying jobs to include solar and renewable energy. I will work with UTEP on a high tech manufacturing industry and create a robust eco-tourism industry that invites visitors to El Paso to spend money in our local economy. 

Under what conditions would you impose a COVID-19 related shut down of the city? 

As Mayor, I will lead with science and facts. We must lower the positivity rate and have public expers lead the response for the City. I was the first candidate to call for a shelter in place in March and have outlined a plan on COVID-19 on our website, https://gallinarforelpaso.com/covid-19plan 

How would you have responded to the killing of George Floyd if you were the mayor of Minneaoplis? How will you improve community relations with law enforcement? 

I have outlined a plan for an equitable budget and reform to our police department. We can’t continue to allocate funding solely to our police department for public safety while leaving other essential services behind. Public safety is not just about law and order. As mayor, I will prioritize safe and accessible parks,  youth services, mental health programs for individuals and families, recreational amenities like hike and bike trails, arts and culture, and employment opportunities that pay a living wage.  

The anniversary of August 3rd recently passed, how are you planning to protect the city from race-related violence? 

City Council should be unafraid to speak up against domestic terrorism, systemic racism, and hateful rhetoric targeting our community. We can be the leading voice on these issues while projecting our narrative to the country and the world, instead of allowing others to do it for us.  

What will your strategies be to combat the flu and COVID-19? How will you work with school district to protect students, faculty, and staff? 

As a candidate, I have met with public school teachers, students and public health experts in public virtual forums and I will continue to lead that way as mayor. We need to convene people to combat the flu and COVID-19 together; that includes across various entities to combat this pandemic, releasing the data on clusters, fully fun and staff our public health department and communicate with the public effectively and be transparent. The health and safety of El Pasoans will be my top priority. We need clarity, direction and leadership at City Hall.  

How will you work to invigorate the local economy that has taken a hit amid the pandemic? 

First, I will audit the city’s finances including the quality of life projects and city’s departments to ensure full transparency. We need to identify wasteful spending and make cuts to the city’s budget. With 54% of El Pasoans on the verge of poverty, we must fight  for a living wage for El Pasoans and diversify our economy. El Paso as the Sun City, should be leading in this industry to create high wage jobs and combat the climate crisis. We need to work with UTEP on a high tech manufacturing industry and develop a robust eco-tourism industry that invites visitors to El Paso and spend money on our local economy.  

What makes you the best candidate? Why? 

I have more than 20 years of service to El Paso. At La Fe Clinic, I built affordable housing and create jobs. At the City of El Paso I led the creation of the award-winning Plan El Paso and changed the way we build neighborhoods. I have been vocal about the city’s failed response to COVID-19 and advocated for change in leadership at the city manager’s office and police department. Through this campaign, I have engaged with thousands of El Pasoans and have shared more plans than any other candidate. I will fight to increase wages, ensure that El Paso leads on climate change and the green economy, prioritize public health, and stop the brain drain

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