First Book In Epic High Fantasy Saga Promises A Heart-Pounding Fight Between Good and Evil in Unique, Action-Packed Pages

Palmetto Publishing Expands Its Sword and Sorcery Fantasy Offerings With CHRONICLES AT ARMS

Charleston, SC, Nov. 21, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Daniel Hawthorne is a mayor, a skilled artificer, and now… the last hope for his world?

The small farming town of Gilgafief is known for one thing: being a crucial guard post for the Maine Alliance. It perpetually sits at the precipice of war between a coalition of smaller states and the Empire of Till Balar, an evil war machine hell-bent on conquering the world.

As Daniel inspects the perimeter fortifications, he designed to keep his people safe, a friend and ally informs him of a looming invasion. Only a few hours later, a bishop of the Pilgrims of Virtue appears before Daniel and makes a startling revelation: he has been chosen to wield the divine mace of the Sergeant at Arms. As such, he is the last and only hope to fight against the forces of Till Balar.

With the fate of the Maine Alliance rests on his shoulders, Daniel must prepare himself for the challenges that lie ahead. Does he have the strength to face a path intertwined with the secrets of his land and machinations out of his control, or will he crumble under the pressure?

Chronicles at Arms, Book One: Champion of the Sovereign is available for purchase online at and Barnes and

About the Author:

With the rank of Eagle Scout, a degree in Electrical Engineering, and a myriad of other lesser-known accomplishments, Matthew Vandermeulen uses writing to combat the mundane forces that come with everyday life. Armed with a creative will best known by his family, Matthew strives to write wildly creative tales of fantasy things and ideas that flourish in the perpetual motion machine that is his mind.


Leah Joseph
Palmetto Publishing

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