Shelby Kapp

1. Hometown: I’m from Apple Valley California. I moved to the borderland about 4 years ago for college. I fell in love with the rich culture and diverse community and now call El Paso home.

2. Alma Mater: New Mexico State University. GO AGGIES!

3. Hobbies or hidden talents? I’ve been an equestrian my whole life! My mom and sister are both horse trainers. I  love to spend my free days out at the ranch.

4. Tell us about your pets or family: My sister Katie is a horse trainer in Anthony, New Mexico, I like to spend my free time out at the ranch working with her. 

5. If someone were to play you in a movie, who would you want it to be? Lois Lane of course!

6. Who is your biggest hero? My mom, she’s the strongest woman I know!

7. Favorite Food: Easy, Burgers, fries and a milkshake!

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