Monica Cortez

1. Hometown: El Paso

2. Alma Mater: Mississippi State University, NMSU, EPCC and El Dorado High School

3. Favorite Spot in our community? Scenic Drive. On a sunny day, it provides majestic views of the city and its beauty is only magnified as the sun sets. During a dust storm or rain event, it has the perfect vantage point to see the weather event push through the city.

4. Hobbies or hidden talents? I love going to the movies. I am pretty much at the movie theater EVERY weekend.

5. Most used emoji? 😄❤

6. If someone were to play you in a movie, who would you want it to be? Michelle Rodriguez. She’s always playing a strong and powerful woman, and that is inspirational to me. Plus, I wish I could drive like her in the “Fast and Furious” movies (Legally, on a closed course, of course).

7. Favorite story you’ve worked on? I worked on a story highlighting the dangers of lightning during a thunderstorm. But, what was special about this story for me, was being able to highlight the beautiful photography of one El Pasoan. He was able to stay safe while shooting Mother Nature’s fury during a thunderstorm. I truly enjoyed putting that story together.

8. Favorite Food: Wings. I will never pass down an opportunity to eat Hooter’s wings. I’m not much of a fan of drumsticks.

9. Favorite musician: Pitbull. I have always loved his music, and when he came here about 5 years ago, not only did I get to see him, but it was also my first concert I had ever gone to!

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