Estefania Seyffert

1. Hometown: I was very fortunate to have grown up on both sides of the U.S./Mexico border. I was primarily raised in Cd. Juárez up until I started school at St. Patrick where I learned English.

2. Alma Mater: Hogwarts, House of Gryffindor. JK! (No pun intended) I am a proud Loretto Academy Angel and a UTEP Miner where I graduated with a degree in Multimedia Journalism.

3. Favorite Spot in our community? There’s a small, hidden grotto behind Queen of Peace Church with a figure of the Virgin Mary and a little manmade stream. It overlooks West El Paso and always feels so peaceful!

4. Hobbies or hidden talents? I love reading and collecting classic books. I don’t discriminate between hardcover, leather-bound, or paperback, but I am picky about which century of literature I read.

5. Tell us about your pets or family. I have a beagle named Galilea. She’s named after my favorite astronomer, Galileo Galilei (who also inspired and influenced many of Shakespeare’s works, FYI)

6. Favorite story you’ve worked on? The best story I’ve worked on actually turned into a special report series called 9-Days Unplugged. I went 9-days without my cell-phone (yes, even at work) and learned how to get with the times the old fashioned way. It was a nice change of pace to go from reporting hard news to something almost everyone could relate to. I still get people referring to me as the “pay phone girl,” since I did not know how to use one in one of the editions.

7. Favorite Food? Everything and anything CHOCOLATE

8. Favorite musician? Celine Dion. She’s always been the voice to the ten alarm clocks I set to wake me up every morning.

9. One thing people don’t know about you? I hope whoever is reading this is not a Marlovian, because my dream is to become a ‘Shakespearean.’ I’ve taken several Shakespeare classes, including at the Globe in London and have even had the opportunity to visit Shakespeare’s home and grave in Stratford-upon-Avon. Feel free to ask me to recite a Shakespeare sonnet when you see me out in the community. I doth know them by heart!

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