Brie Lockhart

Brie Lockhart is a Multi-Media Journalist for KTSM 9 News.

Lockhart was born and raised in the small town of Purcellville Virginia. She attended College at George Mason University where she got her degree in Journalism.

She knew she wanted to have a career in journalism since freshman year of high school after watching All The President’s Men.

Lockhart moved to El Paso with her husband in 2021. Since being here they have enjoyed exploring their new home, and getting to know the community.

She loves the Borderland and says the people here are nicer than anywhere else she has been.

She has two Dachshunds, Piper and Bender, who love attention, snacks and getting scratched. Wherever she is, the dogs follow.

If you see her out say hi, she loves to meet new people.

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