Alejandra Briones

1. Hometown: Garland, TX

2. Alma Mater: University of North Texas, El Dorado for half of sophomore year

3. Where did you work before coming to KTSM? I worked at Telemundo in Abilene.

4. Favorite spot in our community? Carlos & Mickey’s because they have the BEST margaritas.

5. Hobbies or hidden talents? Re-watching “The Office” over and over

6. Tell us about your pets or family: I’m the oldest of three sisters and we’re all SO different from each other. I’m also an aunt to two little girls and they mean the world to me!

7. If someone were to play you in a movie, who would you want it to be? This is a tough one. Sandra Bullock. She’s classy, smart and funny!

8. Favorite story you’ve worked on? One of my favorite stories while working here is when we did a ride along with Border Patrol. This story as a whole made an impact on me, especially getting to see what the agents do every day and speaking with a group of people who were detained.

9. Favorite food? CRAWFISH!

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