Employment Agency Has Tips For Teens Looking For Summer Jobs

POSTED: Wednesday, May 25, 2011 - 3:45pm

UPDATED: Friday, May 27, 2011 - 4:09pm

School is almost out for the summer and there'll be lots of students looking for a job. Hundreds of entry-level jobs are available here in the Borderland. But how do students go about finding the right job and landing it? We talked to an employment agency that matches employers with the right candidate for tips.

Gabriel Mancinas has been working at "The Cleaners" in West El Paso for nearly a year.  He found permanent employment there, after taking a summer job there last year.

"It's been really good, especially for my school. They work with my schedule and it's helped with school and anything I need help with," said Mancinas.

Workforce Solutions Upper Rio Grande helped Gabriel find his job at "The Cleaners". They have helped thousands of Borderland students find summer employment and employment year-round.

"We had already contacted employers, had a list of employers," said Vasquez. "We wanted to see the skills  that the participants had and we matched that with the employers' qualifications."

Gilbert Portillo, the manager at "The Cleaners", says he has hired a few candidates from Workforce Solutions Upper Rio Grande. He says for him, it's been a win/win situation.   "It was really nice having new people because they don't come in with bad habits and we give them some skills they can take with them in their future jobs," said Portillo.

Teresa Vasquez, the program manager with Workforce Solutions Upper Rio Grande, says it's important to make a good first impression, even when you're going in to apply.  "Dress for success. Be ready," said Vasquez. "You always have to be ready, even when you pick up an application because you never know if the employer might call you right then and there and do the interview."

Mancinas adds another piece of advice. "Make sure any piercings they have, to take them off," he said. "Be respectful and not chew gum when they go sign the application, simple stuff that would help."

Vasquez says one thing that's a challenge to students is having no prior work experience to put on their resume. "For those of you who don't have the experience, they can always put their volunteer work in place or the skills that they've obtained through their education. Things like leadership skills, team work are really important to an employer because that says that you're able to work with other people."

Portillo says the key to making sure you land a job also depends on the amount of effort you put in. "Persistence. Keep trying. Even though they may not have an opening today, does not mean they may not have an opening tomorrow or next week, so check back continuously," Portillo said.

And Vasquez adds, that's what Workforce Solutions is there for: to help out with the entire job search process. "If you need help, we always have centers available to assist them, employment advisors who are more than willing to help put the resumes together for the youth and helping them as well to prepare for an interview," she said.

Workforce Solutions has 13 locations throughout the region. You can contact them at 887-2600 or go to their website: urgjobs.org.

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Heres a tip:

Make sure you tell them "si habla espanol" during the interview and you will get automatic front runner listing with your future employer.

Back of the bus non-spanish speakers your in the wrong city to be in if you don't know spanish. Its a border town go figure.

I have to agree with you 100%.I personally have lived in 4 other states,So.Cal.being the last for 17 years,and I have never seen the racism that I encountered in ElPaso.Recently my Dr. requested some test be done at U.M.C.When I called to make an appointment I was told "we don"t take outsiders"When I look at my tax bill,it shows I"m paying a certain amount for this center.When I go to workforce I"m told When in rome, do as the romans do.So I guess it"s true WELCOME to N.Juarez.

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