Central El Paso Couple Getting New Windows After Being Selected In Giveaway

Central El Paso Couple Getting New Windows After Being Selected In Giveaway
Wednesday, January 4, 2012 - 6:56pm

A Central El Paso family got a huge surprise. They found out that they were the winners of the Window World giveaway, which was held by NewsChannel 9. Hundreds of entries came in but the letter submitted by the winning couple's daughter was by far the most touching.

Baltazar Barrios and his wife, Victoria, were expecting their daughters and grandkids over for a gordita lunch at their home, but they brought extra company.

Kevin Tubbs, the owner of Window World, held a giveaway on NewsChannel 9 asking people to write in and explain why they deserved brand new windows for their home. Mr and Mrs. Barrios had no idea that their daughter, Victoria, nominated them and that they'd won!

"I'm from Window World and your son and your daughter submitted a letter that was chosen as the most deserving family to have all new free windows put in your house," said Kevin to the couple of 50 years.

"It's a gift that God has sent us. What else can you ask for?" said Victoria.

Kevin said that out of the hundreds of letters that came in for the giveaway, the letter he received from the couple's daughter was by far the most touching. "The thing that resonated most about this letter is the long-standing history and the closeness of the family and all of the things the parents had done for the family over the course of the years," said Kevin.

Baltazar, a father nine and grandfather of 25, worked as a factory worker before retiring. With his limited income, he had only been able to fix two out of ten windows of the 1930s home. "These window, ever since we came have been here. They're old windows," said Baltazar.

"When it's cold, it gets really cold in there and we get wind and dirt in there," said Victoria.

Kevin wasted no time in examining the current windows. "Most of the windows are old, wood, single-paned windows," said Kevin. He started taking in measurements to get the ball rolling on installing the new ones.

"Just by going to a double-paned, energy-efficient window, they're going to see a huge difference in the temperature inside the house. I noticed that everybody's wearing jackets and they might not have to do that
after this," said Kevin.

Kevin says he plans on making this a yearly giveaway. The total cost of the giveaway this year: $4,000.

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