Weather Talk

Supermoon happens Sunday night

Mother Nature is giving us plenty of opportunities this year to catch glimpses of some of it's extraordinary phenomena. That's right, part two of this summer's season of super moons is happening this Sunday.\

Lightning bolts come in all shapes and sizes

My sister Lynn and I used to run around the house when we were kids and rub our feet on the carpet and produce static electricity and shock each other.

Tropical Storm Bertha could become a hurricane this week

Tropical Storm Bertha is the second tropical storm of the Atlantic this year.

An Overnight Cool Front Increases Borderland Heavy Rain and Flooding Potential

The monsoon season is heading into its peak in August with plenty of abundant moisture to fuel area storms. There has been more much needed rainfall around the Borderland and the metro areas the past couple of days.

Extended Forecast

Our weather has been a little crazy lately, and it's only getting crazier. We have been talking about a high pressure system all last week, and it seems like it just doesn't want to leave our area.

How long does it take to get sunburned without protection?

The sun here in the borderland is no joke as long time El Pasoans can attest to. But simple things, like putting on sun block, are steps that some of us are too busy to make time for.

What Does a "20% Chance of Rain" Actually Mean?

We have all have wondered at some point what does “20% chance of rain" mean? Does it mean it will rain 20% of the day?

Scientists say climate change can no longer be ignored

Mother Nature's health is worsening every year according to some scientists from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s (NOAA’s) National Climatic Data Center. 

Polar Invasion sets records across the nation

We saw the Polar Invasion, or a really strong cold front with an associated low pressure system enter the United States and bring all sorts of crazy weather across the nation.

An Upper Wave Increases Borderland Heavy Rainfall Chances

There as been much needed rainfall around the Borderland and the metro areas this past weekend through Monday. Good news! We have more headed our way! Most of Las Cruces received good, soaking rain on Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday!

Summer 'Polar Vortex' headed our way?

You remember the polar vortex the country experienced in January right? Well it's now summer and we are about to experience another one again... right?

Did you miss last night's Super Moon?

Across the world, people tweeted and facebooked impressive pictures of the Super Moon on Saturday morning. The astronomical phenomenon known as the “supermoon” lit up the sky early on Saturday.

Summertime Borderland Yard & Garden Care Tips

We have made it through the June excessive heat and our Borderland “monsoon” is in full swing!

Summer Weather Hair Damage

Weather impacts and affects every aspect of our lives. The summer late day storms can make driving more difficult with slick roads and  blowing dust.