Weather Talk

Texas Weather is "NUTS"... Literally!

As you look at this photo of Chuck DeBroder and me with all those peanut products, you're probably saying to yourself:  Yes, that picture IS filled with NUTS.  But if you look closer, you'll realize that all those peanut produ

When will El Paso & Las Cruces see Our First Snow?

The Arctic cold front that dove in early Sunday brought 2” to 4” inches of snow to Cloudcroft. I posted a few photos on Face Book and it appears as if the Borderland lowlands are ready to see a “winter wonderland”!

What causes Rainbows?

With cold rainy days one thing is for sure, the light at the end of the wet roads, frizzy hair and umbrellas all feels ok at the sight of a Beautiful Rainbow.

Cold weather myths

A Cold Arctic mass is blasting the nation, which means it's time for those cozy nights in tucked under a fuzzy blanket.

Pets get Cold too! Cold Weather Pet Safety Tips

The past few days of an Arctic blast across a large part of the country including the past couple days in the Borderland has affected over 230 million people.

How Can I Calculate My Own Wind Chill Factor?

With low temperatures Thursday morning of 29 in El Paso and Deming, 28 in Las Cruces and Silver City, 25 in Alamogordo, and 15 at Guadalupe Pass, and with the cold gusty winds that blew us around in the cold front, darn it, I want to know what

It is not the Polar Vortex hitting the country

The borderland is slowly feeling the colder air as the massive arctic cold front moved across our region.

A Texas-Size COLD FRONT... Get Ready!

America's first significant cold front of the season is sweeping down the Central Plains and will dump some very cold air right into the heart of Texas.  The Borderland will also feel this very cold air.  Many cities, including El

Cold Air is Moving In! Winterizing Tips for your Home

There is a massive  an icy cold Arctic air mass impacting 230 million people north and east of the Borderland.

Cold Fronts mean Fall Fashion

If you are like me the cooler temperatures mean its the perfect opportunity to bring out the tall Fall boots in every color.

When will El Paso and Las Cruces hit our First Freeze?

The overnight low temperatures and daytime high temperatures have been cold enough for us to break out the jackets. Many area mountain locations have been at or below freezing the last couple nights!

Has the Weather Made Your Headlights Foggy? A Fix...

If you drive an older vehicle, have you noticed that your head lights are fogged over?  Do you find yourself using the high beams a lot because the low beams seem too dim?  Do you find that people come up to you at convenience stores

Today's weather lesson: Jet Streaks

As some of you may know, I am currently going to school to get my meteorology seal, so I can finally call myself Meteorologist Monica Cortez.  I love the ring to that!

More Fog Wednesday Morning? Why?

Fog is pretty rare in the Borderland.  Forecasting fog correctly requires paying attention to very slight changes in temperature in relation to the dew point temperature.  Wednesday morning will be another interesting chance for some

When do Mosquitoes Disappear, or Do They?

I spent all last weekend still swatting mosquitos and I think I lost at least 2 pints of blood to the little suckers!