Weather Talk

An Upper Wave Increases Borderland Heavy Rainfall Chances

There as been much needed rainfall around the Borderland and the metro areas this past weekend through Monday. Good news! We have more headed our way! Most of Las Cruces received good, soaking rain on Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday!

Summer 'Polar Vortex' headed our way?

You remember the polar vortex the country experienced in January right? Well it's now summer and we are about to experience another one again... right?

Did you miss last night's Super Moon?

Across the world, people tweeted and facebooked impressive pictures of the Super Moon on Saturday morning. The astronomical phenomenon known as the “supermoon” lit up the sky early on Saturday.

Summertime Borderland Yard & Garden Care Tips

We have made it through the June excessive heat and our Borderland “monsoon” is in full swing!

Summer Weather Hair Damage

Weather impacts and affects every aspect of our lives. The summer late day storms can make driving more difficult with slick roads and  blowing dust.

What is the Recipe for a Thunderstorm?

Just like when you are baking the perfect dessert or making that special dish,  you need the correct ingredients in the precise amounts mixed together in the right order in order for the food to come out tasting the way it should.

Hurricane Arthur is now a Post-Tropical Cyclone

Hurricane Arthur is thankfully losing speed and energy as it continues to move north along the east coast.

Rainfall, Wind and Hail Numbers from the Recent Storms

Finally some good rain! Yesterday’s late day, evening and nighttime and this morning’s thunderstorms brought welcome relief to parts of the Borderland. Now we did need to catch up all at once !

One More 100º Hot Day Before Monsoon Storms Arrive!

El Paso hit º today  which is the 20th day we reached or exceeded the 100º mark fthis year, 19th day this month! We have already see a hot start to our summer and we are still behind in the rainfall department. Great News!

Second earthquake strikes close to Lordsburg

Another Earthquake struck on Sunday, on June 29,2014 at about 8:30 a.m. according to the USGS website.

Drought report for El Paso

It's no secret that the desert is known for it's dry weather and that could bring issues to the people who inhabit it.

Weather Vs. Soccer

I played soccer for 14 years as a fullback and I have very much enjoyed watching the current World Cup matches this year.

How People are Struck by Lightning and What Happens?

Lightning is one of the most amazing and beautiful weather phenomena to watch and photograph from a distance. The key words in that sentence are "from a distance” and you should be indoors.

100º Heat! Cool Off with the Food You Eat

Since May 31st, El Paso has already hit a high temperature 100º or above on 14 days!  El Paso also broke 3 record high temperatures with all 3 happening in a row starting June 3rd the high of 109º, followed by two more da

Hurricane outlook in the Atlantic for June

We may not be close to the Atlantic, but if hurricanes do form, we could get impacted by it's reminisce. That is why it is important to be aware of when and how powerful a hurricane can form.