Weather Talk

'Tis the season for passing along germs

 We are getting into the season when the flu and the cold are going to be very prominent. And it's also the season when you will be seeing your co-workers coming into the work place spreading their germs all over the place.

Why Do All These Leaves Have to Fall EVERY Fall?

Anyone with a yard and a tree (palm trees excluded) faces the exact same paradox every single November and December.  The fun part of the changing fall leaves is seeing all the brilliant yellow and orange and red colors.  The fall col

The Leaves Are Falling! How Do You Get Rid of Them?

I just moved into a new house with plenty of great shade trees in my and my neighbor’s yards. The temperatures have been dropping over the past month and leaves have been changing and now they are falling off the trees.

Holiday shopping saving tips

If you are one step ahead of your holiday shopping by making sure to purchase gifts for your loved one son Black Friday, you are a total shopping pro!

Tips on Hanging Christmas lights

It's that time of year for Holiday Cheer. Thanksgiving has quickly come and gone, now its time to start bringing out those wonderful Christmas decorations.

Environmental Protection Agency proposes to limit emissions of ozone

We might see a decrease in smog causing pollutants thanks to the Environmental Protection Agency. 

The Quietest Hurricane Season in 31 Years Ends Sunday!

If you have relatives who live near the Gulf of Mexico, they are probably breathing a sigh of relief.  Hurricane Season 2014 in the Atlantic Ocean officially ends this Sunday.  Though we can thank an active Pacific Ocean for several t

Expect chaotic Thanksgiving travel due to Nor'easter

The holidays are fast approaching and many people are going to want to travel to visit family members, but Mother Nature might make it a little difficult this year. 

Do We Eat More in Warm or Cold Weather?

As we get closer and closer to Thanksgiving Day, closer to the family gatherings, closer to those little appetizers that only come out a couple times a year, closer to all the fixings, and, most importantly, closer to that giant turkey and tama

Thanksgiving Day Sun Bowl Parade Forecast

Are you ready for Thanksgiving Day Sun Bowl Parade? Every year it is kind of a toss up to see what kind of weather we will have for this El Paso Tradition.

New climate report is in:severe risks to livelihoods around the world

Here is some scary news this morning. The world is getting warmer, and according to a new climate report commissioned by the World Bank, this isn't a good thing.

Weather changes and pesky allergies

The weather has been a bit crazy as the seasons begin change along with a constant variation in temperatures. For a lot of people this means the constant struggle with fighting off those pesky allergies.

What causes sniffles?

Yes its true! Aside from the wonderful Holiday's turkey stuffing celebrations and soon to be Christmas decorations comes the dreaded sniffle weather.

Black Friday Borderland Forecast and Shopping Tips!

Some years here in the Borderland and in other part’s of the country early bird bargain hunters freeze while they are waiting to save a few bucks to hundreds of dollars on items on their Holiday shopping wish list.