Weather Talk

Earth's Changing Magnetic Field=Very Tired Compass

Most phones have a compass. Pull it out and play with it for a moment. Most people know that a compass works by pointing in the direction of the invisible magnetic field lines that run generally North and South, from North Pole to South Pole.

Holiday Dress Code in any Weather

We may not be celebrating  the Holidays with Snowy days in the Sun City but this doesn't mean we can't celebrate those chilly days with some nice cold weather outfits.

Which type of natural Christmas tree is right for you?

I was talking with NewsChannel 9 Main Anchor Keagan Harsha and he said he, his wife and their two boys were headed up to the Sacramento Mountains around Cloudcroft to select their Christmas Tree this weekend.

Will we see the Geminid Meteor Shower in EP/LC?

Attention all stargazers! This weekend may be a great time to take out your lawn chair and enjoy one of the most incredible space phenomenon this year.

If You Must Protect a Plant in a Freeze, Cloth or Plastic?

If you find yourself facing one or several nights well below freezing, with lows going down to 20-25 degrees F or even colder, and IF you have plants that might be susceptible to damage in a hard freeze, then you need to make some decisions abo

Weather makes for gorgeous photos

In the Meteorological world, weather is always giving us a run for our money. It's changing non stop and your job is to keep up with the different phenomena going on around the area.

How Does That Radar Work? It Looks Like a Giant Golf Ball

Anyone who's driven along I-10 on the west side of El Paso and looked west out toward Santa Teresa has probably seen it.  What is it?  It looks like a giant golf ball.

"Halo around the sun or moon, means rain or snow soon!"

This past Friday, December 5th, we received numerous phone calls from viewers alerting us a ring or halo around the moon.

Super typhoon has made landfall in Philippines

Typhoon Hagupit, or also known as Ruby has made two landfalls in the Philippines and continues to smash into the central and northern portions of the country with potentially life-threatening winds, storm surge and flash floods.

Storms in Sydney looks like alien invasion

Our skies can look a little scary sometimes, but this is completely out of this world. Last week, Sydney had a massive storm, which isn't unusual. But the way some of the clouds formed looked a little alien.

Cold Weather Trapped Smog, Ugly & Unhealthy

I am sure you have noticed a smoky, light brown haze hanging over our city the past couple mornings. Yesterday, Thursday morning's smoky haze cloud was at its thickest because of the colder air that had settled in.

'Tis the season for passing along germs

 We are getting into the season when the flu and the cold are going to be very prominent. And it's also the season when you will be seeing your co-workers coming into the work place spreading their germs all over the place.

Why Do All These Leaves Have to Fall EVERY Fall?

Anyone with a yard and a tree (palm trees excluded) faces the exact same paradox every single November and December.  The fun part of the changing fall leaves is seeing all the brilliant yellow and orange and red colors.  The fall col

The Leaves Are Falling! How Do You Get Rid of Them?

I just moved into a new house with plenty of great shade trees in my and my neighbor’s yards. The temperatures have been dropping over the past month and leaves have been changing and now they are falling off the trees.