Weather Talk

Is your vehicle ready for winter weather?

Last Friday there was a wide variety of wintry precipitation that made Borderland driving difficult and hazardous.

Arctic blast to bring icy chill across the country

There is an arctic blast slowly spilling across much of the country. It is expected to impact much of the northern states starting Tuesday plunging down through Thursday.

Tips for running in cold weather

If you find yourself facing a long list of resolutions and weight loss and health happen to be one of them, the most recent cold weather may have you feeling just a little discouraged. 

Driving for the winter conditions

Now here in the Borderland we do not have too many days a year with winter weather driving conditions, but many of us drive up to the mountains or travel to areas that have extreme winter weather hazardous driving conditions.

Get Ready for Snow!

A Winter Weather Advisory is posted for El Paso, Dona Ana, Otero, Hudspeth, Culberson, and Sierra Counties in the Borderland starting at 6 a.m.

Weather to keep many indoors this New Year's Eve

Winter weather has finally decided to knock on our doors here in the borderland. Unfortunately, Mother Nature chose the wrong day to throw winter weather on us.

The four types of winter precipitation

The Borderland is seeing an arctic cold front blowing in as I am writing this “Weather Talk” This cold air mass will pull in some area rain, rain/snow mix and snow over the next 24 hours.

An Arctic chill followed by more rain & snow to end 2014 & kickoff 2015!

A Pacific cold front finally brought some snow to both El Paso Las Cruces metro areas Friday! There was a ½ inch to an inch sticking to the ground and cars in some parts of town this past Friday morning.

New Year's Celebration in any weather

It's finally beginning to feel like winter in The Borderland. We only have a few days left before we say goodbye to 2014 and hello to 2015. The weather even treated us to some light snowfall in El Paso and Las Cruces this past Friday.

Snow in the Borderland

There was a strong cold front moving into our area, which caused us to see some pretty decent snow amounts in our region. Some areas were cold enough to allow snow to make it to the ground.

Does Santa Take Weather Flying Safety Precautions With His Sleigh and Reindeer?

I was thinking this morning about all the safety precautions Santa Claus must take to fly around the world with his reindeer. Is Reindeer fur a natural “deicer”? Does he have to deal with a lot of turbulence?

Chaotic Christmas Weather across the country

Many people ask for a white Christmas, but no one ever asks for chaotic weather, and unfortunately Mother Nature has slammed many parts of the Southeast with deadly weather this Christmas.

It's a Pre-Christmas Texas Cold Front

If you're hoping for a white Christmas here in Texas, you'll have to wish a just little harder next year. If you're hoping for a lot of cold, gusty wind right before Christmas, then, my friend, this is your forecast gift!

Winter Solstice

With the Holidays and Christmas Cheer also comes the arrival of the Winter.The winter weather hit many parts of the U.S.. early this year but the astronomical definition means the new season did not begin until 4:03 p.m.. MDT.

Weather can have a big effect on your holiday baking

One of the many benefits of the holidays are all the delicious baked goods that seem to appear out of nowhere at work and home every day! I walked into my house last week and I was overcome with the aroma of a European bakery!