Weather Talk

El Paso is one of the Sunniest Cities in the Nation

El Paso is one of the Sunniest Cities in the Nation How does El Paso rank in sunshine percentage compared to the other top Bright and shiny cities?

Meteors, blood moons.. what's next?

Many people saw the amazing light show last night, which was describes as a big "fireball" that fell from the sky. And today we know what it was!

Can fracking lead to a major Earthquake?

I think it's safe to say we all saw this coming. For those who don't know what fracking is, it's hydraulic fracturing. But it's easier and more fun to say fracking.

Tsunami, earthquakes and volcanoes, Oh My!

Tsunami, earthquakes and volcanoes, Oh My! As I continue to learn about the fascinating world of Meteorology, I am discovering many different fun facts.

Temperature and Wind Conversions

I am in the process of adding corresponding Celsius numbers to my current temperature weather graphic. We are right on the border of Mexico which uses Celsius like much of the rest of the world.

Would Cloud Seeding Help our Drought Here in the Southwest?

We really need some rain here in our drought stricken desert. I do hope the predicted El Nino pattern is strong enough to finally bring the Borderland some good monsoon season rainfall and heavier than normal snow fall this winter.

Is hairspray still bad for the environment?

Is it weird that I have gone my whole life without using hairspray until I got into this business? Well it's true. It's not until  7 months ago, that I was introduced to hairspray.

The rise of the red planet

This month is just full of amazing star gazing opportunities! We are pretty much done with the first week of April and now we are heading toward the moments of staying up all night just gazing up at the sky.

What exactly is HAARP?

Forgive my ignorance, but is HAARP really as evil as some people would assume it is? Today, I have decided to talk a little about it, and would like to hear your input on this topic.

Wednesday’s Peak Wind Speeds; Will the Winds Hold Off this Weekend?

Wow! The Borderland really saw strong winds kick up a big area of blowing dust Wednesday!

Get Your Vehicle Ready Now for the Warmer Weather Ahead

I went to the local auto parts store yesterday to buy some oil, a filter some brake pads and have them hook up an engine computer monitor to find out what has not been functioning correctly.

April Borderland Planting and Yard Care Tips

I past by my neighbors house today that always has a beautiful yard all year long! Yes, they are the envy of the rest of the neighborhood.

Are chemtrails really a conspiracy theory?

Chemtrails seems to be a poplar topic especially now that we are able to see clearer skies and are able notice more contrails left behind by certain jets or planes.

Prepare to be amazed!

Ok so everyone has heard of a blue moon right? For those who haven't a blue moon is is an extra full moon that appears twice in one season or a month.