Weather Talk

Baseball vs the Heat

Take me out to the ball game!

Pets can die quickly in hot cars

It is safe to say it's pretty hot outside. In fact, if it gets too hot, we can easily take off a couple of clothing layers and even run around in our undergarments if necessary.

High Pressure Produces Both Nice and Dangerous Weather

Most of us here in the Borderland would like to see an end to our “windy season”. In order for this to happen a ridge of high pressure has to build in strong over the Great Basin in the southwestern US.

Is Wind Power Good for the Borderland?

When ever I write a “Weather Talk” on the topic of wind, I always have someone say” How come the Borderland does not have more wind turbines?” or “Why do we not use the wind as a renewable energy s

Sunday’s Peak Winds, “Colder” Air Pushes in Tonight!

I really do wish everyone had a wonderful Mother’s Day Weekend, especially all the hardworking, beautiful Mom’s! Saturday was very warm and breezy and Sunday was no fun wind wise!

Severe weather across the country on Mother's Day

I cannot say I haven't enjoyed myself this Mother's Day, because I have.

Cities across the country taking the heat of climate change

The National Climate Assessment was released last Tuesday and the information it revealed was intense to say the least.

Mother’s Day Weekend Forecast and More!

I guess it has been a little bit of wishful thinking combined with flashbacks from my youth of not wanting to get in trouble with mom that caused me to down play Sunday’s winds until last nights weather casts.

Are You Allergic to Weather?

I grew up with seasonal allergies my entire life, both spring and fall “hay fever” as some of us call it .There are many people around the TV station sniffing and sneezing.

What is the Difference Between a Weather Advisory, Watch or Warning?

Today ,many parts of the Borderland including El Paso and Las Cruces are under a Wind Advisory from 2 P.M.. until 8 P.M.. this evening. There will be strong westerly winds blowing at 20 to 35 mph with potential gusts of 45+mph.

Is this the Last Blast of the Borderland's "Windy Season"?

There is a Wind Advisory in effect from 2 P.M. until 8 P.M. for all of El Paso County and Southern Dona County including Las Cruces. Strong winds with peak gusts of 50mph and blowing dust are expected.

Gustnadoes very common in the Borderland

As we are nearing the the time when we start to see thunderstorms, we also run into the chance of seeing gustnadoes. El Paso rarely sees tornadoes in the area, but we do see plenty of gustnadoes.

Early rain season coming to the Borderland

Possible hail storms and thunderstorms to form early in the borderland! Isn't that exciting?

Why Does Colder Air Move in Faster and Sometimes Carry in Dust?

Another cold front blew in from the northeast yesterday, carrying in dust from the drought stricken Texas Panhandle, the eastern plains of New Mexico and some white gypsum sand dust from White Sands, New Mexico.

Meteorology/Weather Myths and Legends

There are so many weather/meteorology myths that I hear, at least a few times a week.