Weather Talk

December 20th in History

How would you define cold? For me, cold is sweater weather. It's when I have to wear layers of jackets and sweaters because its 40 degrees outside.

Our Smoky, Brown Haze Is Enhanced By Winter Weather

I am sure you have noticed a smoky, light brown haze hanging over our city the past few days. In fact this morning this dirty cloud was at its thickest.

Is This The Coldest Time of the Year Here In The Borderland?

Yes, the official kickoff for winter in the Borderland is this Saturday, December 21st at 10:11 A.M.. MST. We have already seen our share of chilly days so far this season, but the high temperature will approach the 70º mark on Thursday!

What Ingredients Do We Need For Snow?

Many people here in the Borderland, love to see to see snow, especially close to Christmas. Stay with NewsChannel 9 as we are currently tracking a system Friday that will bring in some area snow.

What is "Wind Chill"?

The Borderland and the rest of the country have already seen 3 large Arctic Airmasses this season and winter does not even officially begin until this Saturday, December 21st at 10:11 MST.  When a cold front pushes in most of the time it p

Snow for Christmas?

I know I said yesterday I hated the cold weather, but I do love a little snow here and then. Fun Fact: Did you know it feels warmer when it snows? The reason is quite simple.

It's hot or it's cold

It's a topic that will forever exist in the weather world. Cold Vs. Hot. I personally perfer the warm climate rather than a cold one.

The "Jet Streams" Determine Our Weather Patterns

Maybe you heard the term “jet stream” mentioned in weather forecasts.

The Winds Are Made Stronger By Our Area Mountains

There is a weak "Backdoor" cold front, as we call it,  pushing into the Borderland from the northeast  Saturday.  When this happens the winds push over the area mountains from an easterly direction and are stronger on t

"Foehn" Clouds Over The Franklin's

This photo of clouds cascading down the western slopes of the Franklin Mountains is an excellent example of “Foehn Clouds” and “The Foehn Effect".