Weather Talk

Tornado watch for West Texas and Eastern New Mexico

A tornado watch has been issued for west Texas. This watch is in effect until 1:00 a.m. Monday morning. The following counties are being affected.

Tornado Watch for New Mexico

8:18p.m. reports of tornadoes touching the ground in Clovis NM have been reported. Reports of 2 inch hail have also been reported in Roswell NM. The national weather service in Albuquerque has issued a

Flash Flood Watch for TX Panhandle and Oklahoma

Flash Flooding is the number one natural hazard killer in the U.S. This is why it's extremely important to get the word out that there is a flash flooding watch in TX Panhandle, and areas in Oklahoma.

A look at your extended forecast

The weather these past couple of days has been brutal. Breaking record highs for several days, the most impressive day was June 4.

The Hottest Places on Earth!

El Paso is headed towards day #6 of 100º plus temperatures with 4 of those days shattering previous record high temperatures!

Crazy from the Heat! Some Hot Facts You Should Know!

The 100º June heat  has arrived right on schedule!

How to keep safe during heat wave

The heat can be very brutal, especially on people who work outside all day and pets. So what should you do when a heat advisory is issued? Stay indoors and avoid extreme temperature changes.

Remants Of Amanda Brought Back Memories of Dolly

As I watched the remnants of hurricane Amanda bring some much needed moisture to NM and far west Texas this week it brought back some memories of a more powerful hurricane just a few shorts years ago.  Usually El Paso doesn't get effec

The June Heat is On and Our “Monsoon Season” is Just Around the Corner!

Next week the National Weather Service kicks off their "Monsoon Awareness Week". Every day I will cover a different topic associated with weather safety, such as floods, lightning and even extreme heat.

Isolated Storms Before Our First 100º Heat Wave!

We need more rain here in the drought stricken southwest and it appears as if some areas will receive some. Some parts of the Borderland saw some rainfall last Thursday and Friday and it looks like we may repeat that pattern again this week.

Hurricane Amanda is now a tropical storm

We've been keeping track of this Pacific May Hurricane and as you may recall, it was labeled a Category 4 this past Sunday.

Possible Haboob by Thursday in El Paso

The official day for summer isn't until June 21, when the summer solstice begins! Even though we are still far from summer, we are already experiencing the summer heat.

Tornado watch for west and southwestern Texas

While El Paso is seeing good weather,other parts of the state aren't having such great Memorial Day weather. A tornado watch has been issue for west and southwestern Texas.

Strongest Category 4 May Hurricane in Easter Pacific

Named Amanda, it is now the strongest May Eastern Pacific Hurricane on record. Still at a category 4, Amanda has the strength close to a category 5 hurricane.

Comet to pass close to Earth after meteor shower

Was the late night and sore necks worth gazing up in the sky for the unique meteor shower that was visible in the middle of the night?