Weather Talk

Check the Weather Before You Cookout!

I was eating some steak straight from a BBQ grill this weekend thinking about all the weather challenges there are when you are grilling outdoors. Most of us wait for a sunny, nice weather to fire up the grill.

Showers and Thuderstorms Are Headed to the Borderland!

Rain in the Borderland! That sentence is not uttered to often in the driest city in Texas! Our entire region is under drought conditions with high fire dangers, so any rain is especially welcome right now.

Is Haboob an acceptable meteorological term?

Last week, the Panhandle region saw a massive dust storm forming and it wasn't the dust storm that got some Texans a bit riled. It was the meteorological term.

Longer days shorter nights!

This is actually my favorite season by far! The weather begins to smooth out with warmer days, which means I can officially start wearing all my cute dresses that have been hanging in closet for quite a few months now.

We Are All Under Pressure, Atmospheric Pressure That Is!

Meteorology books typically describe us as living in an ocean of air. Funny thing is air does behave similarly in many ways like water. This ocean of air exerts air pressure.

Wind Direction Helps Us Know What The Winds Will Carry In

Our weather really depends on the strength and direction of the winds here in the Borderland. Yesterday we saw dust carried in from the Texas Panhandle mixed in with some gypsum dust from White Sands by a cold front.

How Do You Celebrate the First Day of Spring?

Hooray for spring! More daylight, budding and growing plants, animals searching for and showing off for perspective mates (some humans may also behave in a similiar fashion!).

Are You Afraid of the Weather?

We all have our phobias we have developed and have had to deal with throughout our lives. Many people are afraid of public speaking, some are deathly afraid of heights or flying in an airplane.

What is a cold front exactly

We just experienced a cold front and we are already seeing those cooler temps. But what is a cold front exactly? Is it just strong cold air coming and and cooling us down?

Perfect weather for a fire hazard

A Red Flag Warning is all too common for our area. We usually see this kind of warning closer toward summer when the heat is high and the humidity is low.

Factor in Strong Winds and Cooler Air into your Weekend Outdoor Plans

I always answer many Face Book messages and emails each week, especially this time of year asking me if the wind, rain or a surprise temperature drop will ruin people’s outdoor plans.

Can Animals Predict the Weather?

I was watching the behavior of some of the birds outside my window this morning. They seemed overly happy and active, so I know it is going to be a good weather day.

Bad Weather Makes for the Best Photographs!

For the most part our skies over the Borderland are defined by blue skies and plenty of sunshine. This usually means a ridge of high pressure is in control. Today we have our traditional dusty haze common during our “windy season”.

Strong Winds Will Usher in Colder Air into the Borderland

I am doing my normal routine of analyzing the data for today’s weather forecast when I hear the winds pick up. My neighbor’s flag is blowing straight out and is pointing to the southeast, indicting a northwesterly wind.

Small Doses of Sunshine Have Amazing Health Benefits

We had a cold front add a chill over the weekend and I headed outside for about ten minutes to enjoy the sun that had peeked out from between the clouds. It feels wonderful to have the warm sun on your bare skin.