Monday, November 24, 2014 - 2:16pm

Weather Talk

Do You Have Outdoor Plans this Weekend?

Most of us look at the long range forecast and we focus on the weekend, especially if we do not have to work. I had planned to do some “neighborhood hiking” and just spend some time enjoying the great outdoors.

Should We Power Our Lives with the Borderland Sunshine?

El Paso is one of the sunniest cities in the United States with an annual percentage of sunshine 83.8%. El Paso is the 4th sunniest city in the U.S.!

How to Protect You Shoes and Clothes in Wet Weather

The Borderland finally saw an hour of decent rain and El Paso saw its first measurable rainfall this year Sunday morning.

How to be safe in the cold weather

Today, I took part in the 5k run for the Race for the Cure event. Not only is race for a good cause, but it also helps me stay in shape. But today as a cool front swept through the region, we ran in the chilly weather.

Hottest day ever recorded in El Paso is...

Today was a very warm day to start off the month of March. Highs in the upper 70's and some areas saw highs in the 80's.

Quiet Hurricane Season for 2014

Hurricanes are another deadly Natural Disaster we can not shield our selves from. It also happens to be another topic discussed in my Natural Disaster class.

The Great Wall of Kansas?

Like I mentioned before, the class I am currently taking talks about Natural Disasters. We talked last time about Tornadoes in El Paso, and how we've had a few pass through here a few decades ago.

Weather Impacts Everything in our Daily Lives

Weather has a tremendous affect on people’s daily lives. My Face Book Valerie summed up today in a few words, ”Soooo it's winter again?

Is it the Cold Front or the Cold Air that Gives More of an Impact?

I was doing my forecast, while eating my breakfast this morning, and I was focusing on two cold fronts tracking into the Borderland. One cold front is due early Wednesday and another, stronger one on late Saturday into Sunday.

Moon vs the Earth

Lately I have been seeing some really amazing pictures of the moon in Facebook and with this gorgeous weather, I was able to sit outside in my front yard and just gaze up to look at the millions of lights twinkling down and the big bright diamo

Does the Earth revolve around the sun

1 in 4 people don't know whether earth revolves around the sun or vice versa. Yes, you read right. Apparently this isn't common knowledge for some Americans.

Johnny Appleseed Was Right! Plant More Trees!

The last three weeks my car has been covered in pine tree sap. The original owner of the house had planted a row of desert pines on the outside of the driveway and a couple more on the other side near the house.

What to Do This Weekend? You Do Not Have to Travel Very Far!

The above average weather has had me thinking about fun, close El Paso activities that can get you outdoors and you may even get some beneficial exercise while you are exploring.

High Winds and Drought Increase Our Regions Fire Danger

Fire danger is expected to be extra high today, Wednesday, so National Weather Service Meteorologists and firefighters are urging the public to be careful, especially for people operating gas or electrical powered machinery outside.

Is Your Car Ready for Warmer Weather?

I was checking my air pressure in my tires yesterday and I though of all the things I need to check as our temperatures start to warm up.