Friday, October 17, 2014 - 11:31am

Weather Talk

Destructive Earthquakes in El Paso

El Paso sits close to the Rio Grande Rift.

Tornadoes in the borderland

Ok so I lied. There really aren't many tornadoes in the region. In fact, El Paso, Texas is in a very low risk area. The largest tornado in the El Paso area was an F1 in 1959 that caused 0 injuries and 0 deaths.

Why I Became a TV Meteorologist

This past Wednesday, February 5th was “National Weather Person’s Day”. We celebrate on the 5th to commemorate the birth of John Jeffries on Feb 5th, 1744, one of America’s first weathermen.

The Borderland Mountains and Some Lowlands Have 3 Shots at Snow through Friday

At the time I am writing this, 10 A.M. Wednesday, February 5th, 2014,  there has already been a rain snow mix for the past half hour in Deming, NM.

Once in a Red Sun or Blue Moon

Here in the Borderland we have some of the most amazingly beautiful sunrises and sunsets! This is because of all the light scatters we have floating around in our atmosphere.

How Much More Winter Weather Is Left For the Borderland?

We are headed into our roller coaster coaster time of the year for temperatures.

Groundhog vs Meteorologists

Today we celebrate both the Super Bowl and the forecasting of a rodent, that's right, Punxsutawney Phil. 

Mother Nature cutting us slack for Superbowl

The big day is almost here, with friends and family members coming from all over the city to unite for this one special moment, having the perfect decorations, perfect food, and most of all the perfect TV.

Are you Ready for “Another One Bites the Dust?”

Let’s talk about probably what is for most of us our least favorite time of year here in the Borderland.

What "Weather Instruments" Measure Wind?

We here in the Borderland are almost to the time of year when we will have to be thinking about our “windy season”. We will have to do a once over through the front and back yard to see if there are things that may

Some Weather "Folklore" Is True

My grandma grew up mostly in the German part of Russia. She had quite a few weather sayings. She would say, “Stop listen to that cricket…he is not chirping much…the temperature is going to drop”.

Smoke Plumes Can Help Predict Weather Changes

I was driving on to I-10 west from the Executive street exit and I turned my gaze towards where once the Asarco smoke stacks stood. I was thinking about when the copper smelter was in production about the smoke that came out of the tall pipes.

Plan Ahead Before Exercising in the Cold

I got up early Sunday morning to participate in the NewsChannel 9 sponsored “The Biggest Loser Run/Walk” in Las Cruces, New Mexico.

First time Superbowl is in outdoor stadium

The Super Bowl this year will take place during the time of year famous for East Coast snowstorms, including 2013's Winter Storm Nemo.

Why this weather is fueling the flu outbreak

I know Chuck and I have already talked about why the weather is fueling the influenza outbreak.