Weather Talk

Why Does Colder Air Move in Faster and Sometimes Carry in Dust?

Another cold front blew in from the northeast yesterday, carrying in dust from the drought stricken Texas Panhandle, the eastern plains of New Mexico and some white gypsum sand dust from White Sands, New Mexico.

Meteorology/Weather Myths and Legends

There are so many weather/meteorology myths that I hear, at least a few times a week.

Chihuahuas Opening Day Weather Forecast

The day has finally arrived! The El Paso Chihuahuas will play their first game in the new Southwest University Park. The game is against the Fresno Grizzlies and the first pitch will be thrown at 7:05 P.M..

Largest U.S. storm to happen in the next few days

UPDATE: At least two people were killed when a tornado destroyed parts of the downtown area of Quapaw, Oklahoma, according to officials. And another died as a tornado hit Mayflower, Arkansas.

How to keep safe in High Wind weather

Today is a perfect day to keep some of these windy tips in hand. Fortunately we aren't seeing extremely high winds, but they are still strong enough to cause some major damage.

Are We in the Final Stretch of our "Windy Season"?

This “windy season" across the Borderland has not been too bad this year. We have seen about 4 or 5 really ugly dusty days caused by strong upper level weather systems and a couple cold fronts.

Predicting Hail, When or Where will it Strike?

This past Saturday, April 19th, 2014 Much of El Paso County experienced strong thunderstorms that produced large amounts of hail along with a moderate to heavy downpours.  There was pea size to golf ball size hail that did

NASA one step closer to finding "habitable" planet

Happy Earth Day everyone! It's been a rough 4.54 billion years, but we've made it this far! Speaking of which, what better way to commemorate Earth Day, than by mentioning other planets that could hold life?

Meteor shower tonight!

Look up at the sky tonight and pray the moon isn't a distraction! Tonight is the night to see the Lyrid Shower! Although it's not  the biggest meteor shower this year, it is one worth staying up late for.

Rain Showers and Some Thunderstorms Are Headed to the Borderland

Good weather news on Good Friday! The Borderland finally has chance rain starting Friday evening.  I am watching out Interactive radar right now and there is a large area of showers traveling our way from Arizona!

As the “Dew Point” Rises, So Do Our Rain Chances

I am currently doing my weekly forecast, figuring out the high and low temperatures, wind speeds and rain chances.

The Southwestern U.S. and the Borderland need some "Drought Relief"

A large part of the southwestern U.S is currently in severe to extreme drought conditions and has been for quite some time.

El Paso is one of the Sunniest Cities in the Nation

El Paso is one of the Sunniest Cities in the Nation How does El Paso rank in sunshine percentage compared to the other top Bright and shiny cities?

Meteors, blood moons.. what's next?

Many people saw the amazing light show last night, which was describes as a big "fireball" that fell from the sky. And today we know what it was!

Can fracking lead to a major Earthquake?

I think it's safe to say we all saw this coming. For those who don't know what fracking is, it's hydraulic fracturing. But it's easier and more fun to say fracking.