Weather Talk

Unbelievably warm temperatures! Where has winter gone? Changes late Wednesday

What an amazing and unseasonably warm weekend. El Paso hit 78º Saturday, just on shy of the record high of 79º in 2009, and a record breaking 79º Sunday afternoon, exceeding the old mark of 78º in 1957.

Fun weather arts & crafts for kids.

We may still be in winter, but the Sun City has been giving us plenty of warm sunny days across The Borderland. All week long we have seen temperatures in the mid to upper 70's.

Near record high warm temperatures through Monday! Changes next week!

Are you ready for near record high temperatures this weekend?

Did You Know It's National Weatherperson's Day?

No?  Well, don't worry, 99.9% of the rest of the nation did not realize it either. Except Blue Bell Ice Cream!  They always send us a treat on this day, thank you!

What are you talking about

Most  of the times weather casters get caught up with weather terminology and we forget to explain what it means to our audience. It's like having a doctor  use their medical jargon.

Your Yard Needs You!

It's February, my friends, probably THE MOST IMPORTANT MONTH for the care of your yard.  Over the month of February, I will be posting informative tips on how to prepare plants, trees, and (my favorite) grass for a wonderful Spring and

The groundhog predictions are in!

Today Monday, February 2, 2015 is Groundhog Day!

A Pacific storm system pumps in clouds and rain into our weekend

Clouds and moisture continue to push in from Pacific storm system, which originated in the Baja of California. This upper level low and wave will continue to produce widespread rain and mountain snow as they track east over northern Mexico.

Why Does Rain Make Us Feel So Good? Negative Ions!

Friday will bring not only a chance of rain but also the potential for heavy rain.  In addition to the amazingly fresh smell of rain, there's something else healthful and therapeutic about it:  NEGATIVE IONS?

Seven MORE Reasons the Sun Is Good for Our Health

I know what you're thinking: "How in the world could you be so happy, Rob, when you're wearing a $3 pair of plastic sunglasses?" True, my nuclear furnace radiation protective eye devices are very cheap (and even fell apart 7 s

Widespread rainfall expected towards the end of the week

The long range computer forecast models from the National Weather Service predicted a colder and wetter winter for our region. Since the end of December that is forecast has been pretty much on track.

Protecting your skin and lips from harsh winter conditions

I always wondered why my hands get so rough and dryin the winter.  Dry skin causes you to itch all over in the winter.

Another Winter Storm Will Chill Texas

Texas needs to buckle down for another winter storm. On Wednesday night, a major cold front pushed into the Panhandle and will drop the temperature in Amarillo down to 21.

How to safely drive on Black Ice

We are tracking a storm system that could potentially create icy weather starting Thursday through Friday. This means driving conditions could get a little tricky as some of this rain/ice could create black ice on the roads.

Seven Reasons Why the Sun Makes Us Smile

We can all hear mom saying, "Put on your sunscreen." Or " Wear your sunscreen, or you'll turn into a tomato." Or "Spray on some sunscreen, or you'll wrinkle like a buffalo when you're 90!"