Weather Talk

Ice and Snow in Dallas Could Mean Flight Delays Thursday

If you have to catch a flight Thursday morning, you should probably call your airline to see it there will be a delay.  Another major cold front is sweeping not only through Texas but much of the Midwest.

Does Daylight Saving Time really work?

We are approaching Spring and you know what that means, the start to Daylight Saving Time. We all know it was initially brought up in an effort to save energy and to benefit the farmers.   

Why Do I Stop Sneezing When It Rains?

Lots of people LOVE rainy weather. A good rain shower makes everything so fresh and makes the plants come alive with color. If you suffer from allergies, it's possible you love the rain even more!

The Borderland is in for an active week weather wise!

The Borderland saw a cloudy, cool Monday with on/off area light rain showers moving through a soaking down both large parts of both El Paso and Las Cruces.

Cascading "Foehn" Clouds over the Franklin Mountains

We have seen this cloud pheonomena a few times  in El Paso, Texas this year. Once again this morning the clouds were flowing down the western slopes of the Franklin Mountains, which divide our city.

How to Trick... uh... Encourage Your Kids to Garden

I love to spend time in my yard.  I'm one of those coo-coo birds who loves to pull weeds!  But even more than I love gardening, I love gardening with my kids.

Did you see the purple clouds in the sky?

Many people across the borderland witnessed purple clouds Wednesday morning.

Texas Just Can't Shake These Cold Fronts!

What a winter it has been. Or, as we say in Texas, "It's been a humdinger!" Another significant cold front has swept through the entire state, and it has caused more ice and snow.

Winter is not over yet! The Borderland will see another cold front later this week

Sunday night’s cold front produced strong gusty winds, some lowland rain, mountain snow and even some Borderland lowland snow!

Warm winds blow us into the weekend, before a cold front edges in

The blanket of clouds on Friday kept the upper level winds from mixing down to the surface but we did still see 35+ gusts in El Paso and 40+mph peak wind gusts in Las Cruces.

Windy Friday and Saturday? Blame the Jet Stream

The image above may seem like a beautiful piece of modern art that should be hanging in a fashionable museum, but to a meteorologist... it spells WIND.

Siberian Express to hit the US

Get ready for possible record breaking cold temperatures across the Southeast part of the United States.

Do You Have Borers in Your Ash? Oh, no!!

I snapped this picture of my Rayburn Ash tree. See the tiny holes? Do your trees have any holes like that? That's a very bad sign, and, if left untreated, may lead to the death of your tree.

Three weather systems bring in a variety of weather for the next 36 hours

After another above average weekend the Borderland has a few weather systems passing by over the next 24 hours. First there is an upper level Pacific low tracking just south of us, through northern Chihuahua Mexico today.

Record breaking snow fall in Boston

We are currently tracking down a snow storm that is heading to the Northeast and seems to get more intense as it tracks east.