Cold Friday with strong rain chances

Friday, January 30, 2015 - 9:24am

We saw plenty of rain last night into the overnight hours, and even spilling into this morning. Rain chances for today are looking really good. Expect rain to last all day long. This mixed with a cold front that moved in last night will produce a very chilly Friday.

There is a Winter Storm Warning for the Gila Wilderness Mountains and the southern Sacramento mountains from midnight tonight through midnight Saturday.

Some high mountain location could see many inches  to over a foot of snow!

The rest of the borderland can just expect rain as we will be a little too warm for any snow formation in the city.

A storm system is pushing in plenty of moisture which will provide for good rain chances not only today, but Saturday, with a slight chance of rain Sunday.

This rain could in turn change to a rain mix on Sunday as it will be very chilly.

Drier, warmer air from the west flows in starting late Sunday and continues into next week. This will make for more mild, warm temperatures into next week.

-Forecaster Monica Cortez

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