Where do mosquitoes go during the winter?

Where do mosquitoes go during the winter?
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POSTED: Sunday, December 29, 2013 - 3:51pm

UPDATED: Sunday, December 29, 2013 - 3:58pm

It's been a while now that I have made looking at Facebook posts right when I wake up, a routine of mine.

Every night before I go to sleep and every morning when I wake up, I am on Facebook.

Anyway, this morning I saw a friend of mine enjoying the hot weather in the Caribbean.

She was taking a nice break from the cold weather here in El Paso.

What caught my attention though, was she was commenting on how she was loving the warm weather, but hating the bugs, especially mosquitos.

So that got me thinking, where do they go during the winter? They seem to be the biggest pest during the summer time, but once the cold weather sets in they disappear.

Well, according to About.com, mosquitoes don't go anywhere, they are still here... the little pests.

Some mosquitoes lay winter hardy eggs, which lie dormant in the soil until spring comes along.

The website states, certain mosquitoes can survive winter in the larval stage, but all mosquito larvae require water, even during winter.

Here's the creepy part. Only female mosquitoes spend the cold months hidden in protected places, such as hollow logs or animal burrows.

When warm weather returns, the females must first find a blood meal to develop her eggs.

So when you're outside enjoying the spring weather, these blood thirsty pests are out in force, looking for their next meal.

Once they've fed, the female mosquitoes lay their eggs in whatever standing water they can find.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you are also planning to travel to the Caribbean, be careful.

According to Boston.com, the CDC recently issued a travel advisory to tourists making their way down to the Caribbean.

There have been 10 confirmed cases of a mosquito-borne virus that’s rarely fatal but can cause fever, gastrointestinal symptoms, and severe joint pain that lasts for weeks or even months!

Here's a link if you would like to keep reading.


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