Remants Of Amanda Brought Back Memories of Dolly

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POSTED: Saturday, May 31, 2014 - 4:05pm

UPDATED: Sunday, June 1, 2014 - 2:17pm

As I watched the remnants of hurricane Amanda bring some much needed moisture to NM and far west Texas this week it brought back some memories of a more powerful hurricane just a few shorts years ago.  Usually El Paso doesn't get effected by hurricanes but it certainly did back in 2008. 

Hurricane Dolly hit extreme south Texas on July 23rd 2008.  As usual this hurricane went rumbling through the gulf and first made landfall in the Yucatan peninsula and the state government ordered the evacuation of 1000 people.  It made second landfall on the 22nd just south of South Padre Island.  Hurricane Dolly was only a cat 1 hurricane when it did make landfall but it caused over 212,000 people to lose power in South Texas and dumped as much as 16 inches of rain in some locations.  As it did make landfall the winds were at 100mph.

The storm contributed to a $2.16 price increase in oil futures in the New York Mercantile Exchange on July 21st.  Although Dolly did miss most of the oil rigs in the gulf. 

At the time president Bush declared 15 counties of Texas as federal disaster areas.  Hurricane Dolly was considered to be the most destructive hurricane to hit the Rio Grande Valley in 41 years.  Other than normal damage that hurricanes cause, at the height of the disaster some 155,000 homes were without electricity.  Gov. Perry declared 14 counties in South Texas disaster areas. 

But it didn't end there.  As Dolly went rumbling through Texas, the remnants of Dolly caused flash flooding as far west of El Paso on July 26th.  Additional flash flooding and river flooding on the Rio Ruidoso in the Sacramento mountains of New Mexico occurred on the morning of the 27th.   And the effects of Dolly reached Ruidoso, NM causing 15-20 million dollars of damage. 

All in all Dolly caused over 1.05 billion dollars of damage before it was all said and done.

Mark Mathis

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