Mother Nature Vs Lady Libery

Mother Nature Vs Lady Libery
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Saturday, December 28, 2013 - 3:27pm

Last night I stayed up late watching The Day After Tomorrow, and you remember that scene where the ocean level rises covering covering houses and of course our iconic statue Lady Liberty?

Well the scene isn't as far fetched as you would think. According to National Geographic, it's more of a possibility as time goes on. (

On October 29, 2012, New York City was hit hard by super-storm Sandy.
Lady Liberty and Ellis Islands, two relatively tiny pieces of land huddled together in the city's harbor, were dangerously exposed.

Before the storm hit, the National Park Service team did everything they could to try to protect the statue. Meteorologists were predicting the storm surge to reach 6 to 11 feet.

So the crew boarded up the windows and evacuated both islands.

But no one would imagine what they saw next.

According to National Geographic, the day after the storm 75 percent of Liberty Island was under water. The only thing not covered was Liberty and her pedestal.

But Lady Liberty was built to last.

According to the magazine, with the thickness of two stacked pennies, she can sway about four inches, give or take.

She needs to be able to bend in order to avoid breaking in the harbor winds.

And of course, there's her green color. That has to be her number one shielding instrument.

The magazine states, the layer of oxidation protects against further corrosion, which is why her guardians don't scrape it off.

But the main question continues. Can Lady Liberty protect her self from Mother Nature?

She already has visible marks of defeat from Mother Nature.

The lighter color now visible on her belly and cheek are the result of a partial sandblasting from super-storm Sandy, according to National Geographic.

Sea level is already rising, For those who still question Global Warming, here is something to think about.

I am not saying there is or there isn't global warming, all I am saying is the facts are there.

By releasing carbon dioxide and other heat-trapping gases into the atmosphere, we are creating layers of insulation, if you will, and we have warmed the Earth by more than a full degree Fahrenheit over the past century, this is according to National Geographic. (

And we have raised sea level by about eight inches.

So Lady Liberty can very well find herself in a situation much like the one in the movie I saw last night.

All we can do now is roll with the punches Mother Nature dishes out.

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