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POSTED: Friday, May 9, 2014 - 10:52am

UPDATED: Friday, May 9, 2014 - 11:22am

A closer look at the weather to help you plan your weekend and next week

I guess it has been a little bit of wishful thinking combined with flashbacks from my youth of not wanting to get in trouble with mom that caused me to down play Sunday’s winds until last nights weather casts. Yes, Sunday is Mother’s Day and many families celebrate by having cookouts and parties outdoors. I also know that a large part of the Borderland celebrates Mother’s Day on Saturday because that is " Dia de la Madre" or Mexican Mother’s Day. Well, I think I am feeling a little bit of my Mother’s guilt, so I will give you a straight forward Mother’s Day Weekend forecast along with the following “Week’s Worth of Weather” in today’s “Weather Talk”.

Actually, Saturday will be the best outdoor day of the weekend! Sunny skies with just breezy range winds, westerly at 10-20+mph and a very warm high of 90º! This will definitely be the best day for honoring mom, having a cookout or having a little outdoor fun.

Another Pacific wave will impact the Borderland Sunday with producing strong winds and some blowing dust. This one will thankfully track farther north, so winds Sunday afternoon winds should not be as strong or the blowing dust as thick as this past Wednesday’s. Visibility will drop to a mile around the normal dust prone areas such as around construction zones and the normal dusty roadways like east Montana, the North Loop, Far East El Paso county, Chaparral, Socorro, San Eli , Fabens, Tornillo and of course I-10 west in between Las Cruces and Deming, New Mexico.

Closely following this upper wave is a cold front that will back in from the northeast overnight Sunday into early Monday, switching the winds to easterly Monday and Tuesday and cooling temperatures back down into below normal 70's. The winds will be stronger and  gusty along western slopes and through mountain passes, as well as along the I-10 corridor from Deming to the Arizona line. This front may carry in some Texas Panhandle and New Mexico dust on Monday as well. Monday will definitely be not as warm and perhaps a little hazy.

On Wednesday winds turn more southerly with an area of low pressure to our east or Lee Side trough deepening to our east. These winds will become a little stronger and more westerly winds on Thursday and Friday. These westerly winds will help warm El Paso and some of the surrounding areas into the 90’s.


Saturday-Plenty of sunshine, breezy, very warm High: 90º

Saturday Night- Clear skies, breezy with a mild Low: 60º

Sunday-Sunny, warm, windy P.M.., dusty, winds west 20-30+mph G45+mph High: 93º

Sunday Night- Mostly clear skies, a windy overnight with an A.M.. Low: 62º

Monday-A.M. cold front, windy, stronger west side NE winds 15- 35+mph, some dusty haze, not as warm High: 77º

Monday Night- Mostly clear skies, gusty to breezy with a cooler Low: 52º

Tuesday-Mostly sunny, low end breezy with a below normal, but ideal High: 78º

Tuesday Night-Mostly Clear, lighter winds with a cool sunrise Low: 56º

Wednesday- Mostly sunny, light to steady winds High: 85º

Wednesday Night-Mostly Clear, just a breeze overnight and mild Low: 59º

Thursday- Mostly Sunny, very warm, breezy, winds 10-20+mph afternoon, High: 90º

Thursday night-Mostly clear, staying breezy with a mild night Low: 64º

Friday- Mostly sunny, high end breezy range, winds 10-25+mph, a very warm High: 92º

Friday Night-Mostly clear skies, breezy all night keeping it mild Low: 65º

Now you have a better planning outline if you will in regards to your Mother’s Day Weekend and the next “Week’s Worth of Weather”. My best advice is to have a cookout on Saturday or  early on, say for brunch on Sunday. The winds and some blowing dust are not the ideal conditions for mom and the family to be outdoors late Sunday afternoon. Plan to take the celebration indoors Sunday afternoon if you able when the winds start blowing.

We have to make sure we honor and show our love to the woman who brought us into the world, raised us and many cases, such as my own, helped us to succeed!


Chuck DeBroder, Chief Meteorologist
KTSM, NewsChannel 9, NBC, El Paso, TX

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