How to Protect You Shoes and Clothes in Wet Weather

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POSTED: Monday, March 3, 2014 - 1:55pm

UPDATED: Tuesday, May 20, 2014 - 10:17am

You should always have “rain gear” handy in case of a surprise downpour

The Borderland finally saw an hour of decent rain and El Paso saw its first measurable rainfall this year Sunday morning. I was getting ready for the “Race for the Cure” Sunday morning putting on my new home grown “Spira” running shoes thinking about how the protect myself and my shoes from the rain and the puddles. Now I know we do not see much rain here in the Borderland, so we are not used to thinking about “rain gear”. So I decided to write today’s “Weather Talk” about what protective clothing you can wear and how do protect your feet when it is raining and soggy.

I will start off first with protecting your feet. If your feet get cold it is know fun and if it is during the cold season you can get frost bite. Well, Sunday morning I decided to use a silicon protection spry on my new “Spira” shoes. With any of the “water proofing’ methods I will mention, use should test spray the silicon on an area in the back of the shoes to make sure the chemicals will not change the fabric or leather too much in color. You could probably get away with spraying your shoes once every couple months here in the desert where it does not rain that often. You would spray them a couple times a month during our “monsoon season”, June 15th through September 15th, when we see most of our yearly rainfall here in the Borderland. Mink oil is a good water protector for darker shoes as it does alter the color of lighter shoes. Most silicone sprays do not.

A good “Bee’s Wax” Shoe wax can be applied as well. This protects your shoes even better in heavier rains, slush and snow. I read one hint to heat your leather shoes in a 100 degree oven for a minute or two, no more, to open up the pours before you apply a wax, lotion or spray. Moisturizing products are good to keep your shoes from drying out. I noticed that women can actually buy plastic covers for their high heels. There is nothing like a rubber shoe glove to add to the protection, especially in winter. Taking off your shoes, putting them in a bag and putting on “water resistant” boots is your best bet, but not always an option because of the time and hassle.

You can also use silicone sprays on clothes and socks. The best sock materiel to wear is wool, because it wicks the water away from your skin and they still keep you warm.

A good umbrella and a rain jacket are always good to have handy. “Stow them away for a rainy day!” Some people have the small, almost disposable clear plastic parkas with hoods. They work great in a pinch! I keep all my “rain gear” in my truck. With as dry as El Paso has been lately, I almost forgot they were there! I spray silicone spray on my jackets as well. You can even buy rain pants. Unless you are going to be outdoors for a long period of time, they are really not needed. A rain hat can be a fashion statement, especially for some women.

Rain Hats are important and come in handy at outdoor sporting events where you are not allowed to take in an umbrella. Keeping you head dry also helps keep your body warmer. Rain or swimming goggles help protect you eyes and are used by outdoor workers and people working on ships in the high seas. These are really not needed unless there are strong winds associated with the rain and the rain is blowing sideways. We rarely have that here in the Borderland unless there are strong thunderstorms developing on the edge of a front or there are powerful outflow winds blowing in from other dying thunderstorms close by. Now you know a few tips on how to protect yourself from getting soaked in our next rainstorm.

Go ahead and pack a small “rain gear’ bag with everything you need. You silicone spray, foot protection, rain jacket, disposable plastic rain hooded parka, rain hat and a good towel. Throw you “rain gear” bag in your car. I guess I am always prepared from growing up spending a bunch of time outdoors. We do have a slight chance of more rain this Saturday, so go ahead get prepared. You will thank yourself the next time you get stuck in a surprise downpour!

Chuck DeBroder, Chief Meteorologist
KTSM, NewsChannel 9, NBC, El Paso, TX Chuck DeBroder NC9 @wxchuckNC9

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