Hottest day ever recorded in El Paso is...

Hottest day ever recorded in El Paso is...
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POSTED: Saturday, March 1, 2014 - 5:18pm

UPDATED: Monday, March 3, 2014 - 9:51am

Today was a very warm day to start off the month of March. Highs in the upper 70's and some areas saw highs in the 80's.

Just a few weeks ago, the Sun City broke a few heat records reaching highs in the lower 80's in the month of February.

And as we continue to warm up, you begin to realize we are barely in the month of March and not even in spring yet!

These warm temperatures will only increase as the sun begins to beam down on us more directly.

So that go me thinking, what has been the ultimate hottest day in El Paso ever recorded?

If you recall last summer we saw some hot days, even beating out old records.

The hottest day in El Paso ever recorded was 114° which took place back in June 30th of 1994.

But we all know this isn't such a great feat.

Did you know: El Paso averages about 20 days a year when the temperature reaches or exceeds 100 degrees. The city also averages about 107 days a year when the temperature reaches 90 degrees or above.

Now if you think that is impressive, then you will never believe the hottest day ever recorded in Texas!

The lone star state recorded 120 degrees as the hottest day ever. This record high was reached on August 12, 1936, in Seymour, TX.

It's about 500 miles northwest of El Paso.

The year 1936 was a really hot one in the weather books across the nation. 

15 states set their all-time record high that year.

Texas was one of just 10 states to have recorded a weather temperature reading of 120 degrees or higher.

But these statistics don't stop here.

What about the coldest it's ever been in El Paso?

The Sun City endured a -8 degree day back on January 11, 1962.

That makes it an 122° difference between the hottest and coldest day in El Paso.

Did you know: The amount of days when the temperature drops below zero are pretty rare in El Paso.

Since 1887, the Sun City has had just four days when the temperature dipped below zero.

El Paso averages 61 days a year when the temperature drops below freezing.

For Texas, those numbers are a little different.

The coldest its ever been in Texas was -23°, and that took place on February 8, 1933, in Seminole.

For those of you not familiar with Seminole, it's about 260 miles northeast of El Paso.

So the difference between the coldest and hottest day in the Lone Star state comes out to 143°!

There's no telling if we will break any records this year, but you can definitely bet, you will be in for a very hot summer.


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