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Extended Forecast
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POSTED: Sunday, July 27, 2014 - 6:33pm

UPDATED: Monday, July 28, 2014 - 1:57pm

Our weather has been a little crazy lately, and it's only getting crazier.

We have been talking about a high pressure system all last week, and it seems like it just doesn't want to leave our area.

It continues to hover over New Mexico and far West Texas, and as it does it has kept us dry and hot. But now the high pressure has wobbled to the east, allowing moisture from the SE to invade our area.

The past couple of days, we've seen humidity levels at about 10-15% and Sunday, the humidity has gone up to about 20-25%.

This moisture will begin to accumulate over the next several days allowing for us to see at least a 10% chance for rain.

In fact, this Sunday evening, strong thunderstorms south of El Paso are throwing out good outflow, which should help the central and eastern lowlands produce a few showers tonight.

The main threat from these storms won't be the rain but rather the strong downburst winds.

What I am personally excited about isn't the storm chances we will see Monday through Wednesday, but rather the back door cool front we are expecting to see on Thursday!

It was first forecasted as weak, but as some of the models would suggest, it's looking a bit stronger leaving some of our afternoon highs in the 80's.

This front will actually drag in more moisture from the NE giving us a 20% chance of rain on Thursday and a 40% chance for rain on Friday.

What is important to note is these light winds we have been seeing. They will prevail through next weekend, which means the storms rolling through will be slow moving and could result in heavy rain in a short amount of time.

This could potentially lead to flash flooding in some areas, so make sure you have plenty of sand bags on hand for this weekend.

Our highs will be at about average on Thursday, with 93° as the forecasted high, with temperatures dipping to the 89° mark on Friday and Sunday.

Of course, Thursday is as far as we can get with semi-accurate numbers.

Friday is still a little "if-y". 

At this point, the back door cool front is looking pretty intense but that could all change as it progresses through the Panhandle region and into our area.

Of course, you can absolutely count on the Weather Authority to keep you up to date on the latest weather changes! But so far, that's what your seven day is looking like. For a full image of your seven day, check out ktsm.com/weather

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