Early rain season coming to the Borderland

Early rain season coming to the Borderland

POSTED: Saturday, May 3, 2014 - 2:41pm

UPDATED: Saturday, May 3, 2014 - 3:33pm

Above average chance for rain in El Paso

Possible hail storms and thunderstorms to form early in the borderland!

Isn't that exciting?

Chief Meteorologist Chuck Debroder and myself went to a weather convention last week at the National Weather Service headquarters at Santa Teresa, and the kind information we got from it was intense.

Now I am going to pass the information along to you.

To start off here are some things you need to know.

June is the average warmest month in El Paso

The highest recorded temperature was 114°F in 1994.

The most precipitation on average occurs in August.

This year, however, it looks like El Nino is forming earlier than usual, and our monsoon season is going to start unseasonably early!

We are going to be expecting possible thunderstorms by May and June, and meteorologists are predicting above normal chance for rain during the monsoon in July through October!

We usually have about 40-50 days of thunderstorms in our area, and by the looks of it, and by the NWS prediction, we might be seeing slightly a few more days than last year.

Meteorologists are predicting that May could be the most dangerous month in terms of thunderstorms. You can expect hail, like what we saw this past April, and possibly gustnadoes/landspouts!

Quick fact: Did you know Gustnadoes/Landspouts are very common in the Borderland, and they can be just as dangerous as a tornado. Some gustnadoes have recorded speeds of 80mph.

According to NOAA, a gustnado is a slang term for a short-lived, ground-based, shallow, vortex that develops on a gust front associated with either thunderstorms or showers.

I am really anticipating this thunderstorm season! 

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