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Monday, April 28, 2014 - 2:52pm

High Pressure to our west and low pressure to our east will keep the wind speeds up

The day has finally arrived! The El Paso Chihuahuas will play their first game in the new Southwest University Park. The game is against the Fresno Grizzlies and the first pitch will be thrown at 7:05 P.M.. Another Cold front is blowing in from the north late Monday night so the winds will increase into the low end windy range by game time. The westerly winds will increase to 15 to 30 mph with potential gusts to 40 mph. I think this will be good for the hitter’s because of how Southwest University Park is positioned. The hitter’s will be hitting East to north east, with the wind. Look for many home runs if the hitter’s get some height on the ball.

Here is the forecast for Southwest University Park Opening day game for the El Paso Chihuahuas playing the Fresno Grizzlies.

First pitch at 7:05 MDT P.M..- The skies will be Mostly Fair. The temperature will be around 77º the winds will be in the windy range blowing out of the west at 15 to 30 mph with gusts to 40+ mph. The winds will be blowing out of the park towards the east.

TH Inning- approximately 10:00 P.M.. Mostly Fair Skies and the temperature will be 70º. The winds will slow down into the breezy/gusty range with winds out of the west to northwest at 10 to 25 mph with gusts to 30+mph. The winds will still be blowing near the low end windy range.
Here are a few fun weather related baseball facts I found and I thought I would share with you.

Coldest game ever played was just about a year ago.

This coldest temperature was recorded at a game in Denver, Colorado which pitted the Colorado Rockies against Atlanta Braves. At first pitch of Game 1 at about 1:40 PM local time: the temperature was 23°F! Believe it or not, Game 2's first-pitch temperature at about 6:40 PM local time was several degrees warmer. The previous coldest temperature at first pitch was 28°F at a Montreal. Expos game in 1997 (tied earlier in April 2013 at a New York Mets game).

The hottest games ever played were both in Texas. There is a tie at 109º according to . One game of the tie matched the Texas Rangers against the Toronto Blue Jays in Texas on August, 26th 1988 where the game time temperature was 109º and the other was on June 26th, 1980 where Texas Rangers played against the Minnesota Twins. This game was also at Arlington stadium in Texas where it was 109º at 1:49 P.M..!

A majority of major and minor league ball parks do not have complete weather stations, just thermometers, so I did not find the strongest winds at a baseball. I am sure Southwest Stadium and the Chihuahuas will compete with any stadium in the country for top wind speeds during the spring games.

There are many weather related baseball game delays or cancelations. The most common is a “rain delay” or “rain out”. A rain delay is a temporary suspension of the game until the rain becomes light or ends. A “rain out” is something that usually happens following a long a rain delay and is the cancelation of the game. The field crews will spread out large tarps on the field of play to keep it as dry as possible.

According to a “rain out” is defined as ; The immediate and statistical outcome of a game that has been suspended by the umpire-in-chief is determined by a number of factors. If the game has been played through the top half of the fifth inning, the game can be concluded with the home team as the victor. If the fifth inning has been completed and the visiting team still has the lead, it is declared the victor. In the case of a tie at the completion of the fifth inning or in a playoff game (but not the last game of a series), the game will be suspended and resumed at a later date. If none of these circumstances are true and the game is canceled, the game is considered a "no game" and must be fully re-played as rescheduled by the league.”
Related weather delays are “lightning delay” or “thunderstorm delay”. In coastal cities like San Francisco or Florida there can also be a “fog delay”.

Early spring games in the northern states can actually have or do almost every season have “snow delays”. The field crew has to go out and put tarps on the field of play or clear the snow.
If the field flood lights go out or there is a power outage at night, there is of course a delay.
Many times this is weather related.

I did not find any records of “wind delays” but I am sure there would be if the wind speeds became extreme or visibility dropped dramatically because of the blowing dust. There could even be a cancelation or a I guess a “wind out” I think that would be rare except in the case of strong outflow winds carrying in a wall of dust from distant dying thunderstorms.

Both the Chihuahuas and the Fresno Grizzlies will both have to deal with the wind, but as I mentioned before with the stronger westerly winds blowing out towards the east, this should be a hitter’s game.The after game scheduled fireworks may be impacted by the winds, if they do not slow down a bit. Despite the weather many people from across the Borderland will come out and support the home team every night this week, the rest of the season and for many seasons to come.

“Play Ball”!!

Chuck DeBroder, Chief Meteorologist
KTSM, NewsChannel 9, NBC, El Paso, TX Chuck DeBroder NC9 @wxchuckNC9

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