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Slight Chance of rain Monday better chance by midweek

Monday, July 28, 2014 - 8:04am

This weekend started hot and dry across the Borderland. However by next weekend things will be very different.

This morning we woke up to some wet roads across downtown and west El Paso, as a moderate rain storm swept through the city. It dumped enough moisture to only dirty our cars.

Las Cruces had better luck with rain. Las Colinas area in Las Cruces received about .2" of rain and about .1" of rain by NMSU.

Moisture levels will be on the rise for the next several days.

This means we should be seeing at least a 10% chance of rain Monday-Wednesday.

A back door cool front moves into the region by Thursday giving us a better chance for some good storms, and then our temperatures begin to drop.

Heavy rainfall will become a very good possibility in some spots from Thursday-Sun.

Keep in mind that we have been seeing relatively light winds, and this weather pattern will continue throughout the entire week and into the weekend.

These light winds will cause some slow moving storms and this could in turn lead to problems with flash flooding across the area.

-Forecaster Monica Cortez

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