Weather Talk

Are you ready for the Wasp invasion?

Are you ready for the Wasp invasion?  No I am not talking about W.A.S.P  the 80’s rock band that had big hair and wore yellow and black spandex!

Almost hot, near record high temperatures, followed by possible rain & some wind

Make some plans to spend some time outdoors this weekend as there will be plenty of sunshine and amazing, very warm temperatures for this time of year!

Thursday: We Cool Down; Much of Texas, Heavy Rain or Dust

An early Spring cold front is pushing through western Texas Wednesday night and will produce several t-showers over much of the state on Thursday.

Lawn Terror Alert: Crabgrass!!

There are two things that terrify my about gardening: Roses and crabgrass! (And disturbing a hive of killer bees. Okay, that's three things.)

Do Owl Decoys keep your yard & garden safe from pesky birds & animals?

Spring is upon us and the animals and bird are looking to mate nest and eat.

Spring hiking ideas

We finally said farewell to the Winter season and welcomed Spring with nice cool weather.

Upper low produces rain & then say hello to the 80's for the 1st time this year!

Most of El Paso County has enjoyed some nice off & on,  light rainfall since early this Saturday morning.

Solar Eclipse, Supermoon, and Spring Begins... All on Friday!

It's a good thing this Friday isn't a Friday the 13th because there are a lot of unusual events that will take place.

Supercharged Northern Lights seen across the country

A massive solar storm bombarded Earth yesterday and it supercharged the northern lights to offer a better chance of seeing dancing green auroras just in time for St. Patrick's Day, with weather permitting of course.

We'll Be Seein' Green... on the Radar!!

March 17th is St. Patrick's Day. It's the day we all become a little Irish and celebrate the Roman Catholic feast day of the patron saint of Ireland. St. Patrick died on March 17, 461.

With a little luck of the Irish, we will see some Irish rain late St. Patrick’s Day and beyond!

Most of us know that Ireland is called the “Emerald Isle” because the grass and vegetation there are always a beautiful shade of emerald green because it rains all the time.

The Southwest is looking to abolish Daylight Saving Time

I have had a hard time waking up, hard time sleeping early, walking into the shower with clothes still on, filling up my coffee cup with orange juice and the list goes on.

Can Weather Affect Your Mood? Depends on Your 'Personality"

Some people absolutely LOVE a cloudy, dark, rainy day.  It seems they have more energy and are happier on cloudy days.  Others want the sunshine!  I happen to be a "please give me sunshine" type of person, who enjoys th

Rain chances to begin and to end the week

Well, if you do not like the temperatures too cold, you will like this week as Temperatures will remain seasonal and to slightly above normal.

The love/hate of Spring Daylight Saving Time

It is that time of year again! A reminder most Americans seem to have a love/hate relationship with I'm talking about "Spring Forward" Daylight Saving Time. Tomorrow at 2AM we will be setting our clocks one hour ahead.