This Week's Weather (3/29)

This Week's Weather (3/29)

POSTED: Monday, March 29, 2010 - 9:00pm

UPDATED: Sunday, April 4, 2010 - 6:28pm

Image: 00z GFS Computer Model

Big winds roared into the Borderland last week thanks to a rather strong upper level storm. Winds were gusting in the 50 to 70 miles per hour range last week Friday. The El Paso International Airport tied a maximum wind gust on Friday, with an 84 miles per hour gust recorded during the afternoon hours. The record was first reached back in March of 1977. Here is a look at some other wind totals around the region from Friday:

Winds reduced visibilities and caused damage and even power outages across parts of the El Paso area. Fortunately no widespread reports of damage were recorded.

The week ahead:
After a nice Monday, our next upper level trough of low pressure (storm) will head in our direction. The storm is shown below from our Futurecast computer model, based on the 00z GFS National Weather Service model. We'll see winds kick into the breezy category for Tuesday with windy conditions Wednesday through early Friday. At this point, looks as though the strongest winds with areas of blowing dust will fall during the Thursday time period. Naturally this forecast could change, so keep it to Newschannel 9 and for the latest.


Wind Damage last Friday:

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Hey Chester: Need your help buddy, it has come to my attention that 3 earthquakes have hit close by, the winds are kicking up and the cold just wont leave. Registered quakes are: Mar 28th New Mexico M 4.1 N32.50 W104.53, Mar 30 Sonora Mexico M 4.5 N31.68 W113.53 and Mar 31 Calexico California M 4.2 N32.35 W115.23 all 3 are similar in strenght and Ima thinking that cant be good. Let me know if you have some similar info on this...;-)

I know very little about Earthquakes, it does sound like there have been a few lately in the Southwest U.S. You can find out more info at the US Geological Survey:

As far as the extra cold and wind, that can be attributed to something us weather folks have been talking about all winter long, El Niño. It's a naturally occurring phenomenon which last had an effect on us in 2006 (remember the floods in El Paso?). You can find out more here:

Try this out: If you get up early in the morning (4:00-5:00AM) you will see the toilet water or any other stored liquid in the fridge moving. Trust me, normally I dont worry about these things but I`m getting a pretty freaky hunch. Hope I`m wrong...

Thanks for the feedback and yes I`ve monitored the site for some time now and take a look at CA`s coming and following the line from Carslbad to Puerto Peñasco to Calexico and the rest of CA, we might get something bad coming our way, we are on that path.
If you have any links that show subterranean water deposits with in our area please let me have them, as you said: The 2006 floods hit us hard and might have done some damage to our subterranean structure.

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