Looking Ahead to April's Weather

Looking Ahead to April's Weather

POSTED: Saturday, April 3, 2010 - 10:00am

UPDATED: Saturday, April 3, 2010 - 1:20pm

Let's Look Back First:

March 2010 was a bit of a step in the right direction. We didn't see any big rains though snow did fall in many of the local area mountains. After a banner winter precipitation wise, we're slowing down the pace of rain for the year. Last month was the first month we were below normal in precip since last October. Though at this point, we're still an inch ahead of normal for the year, we are now entering the driest time of the year. April typically only averages .23" inches of rain. As far as temps last month, we finally crossed the 80 degree threshold in 2010 on the 26th and hit our monthly highs on the last 2 days of the month (during which we saw gusty winds and some blowing dust). Other March highlights:

-we had our first major dust storm of the season on March 26th

-we tied the all time highest wind gust ever recorded at the El Paso International Airport on March 26th (84 MPH first reached on March 10th, 1977)

-the coldest morning of the month was March 21st with a chilly 30 degree start (just 5 days before we hit our first 80)

-the month was once again below normal temp wise, with the average temperature 55.5, 1.5 degrees below normal

-we just concluded 4 months in a row with below normal temperatures, the first time we've done that since 1989 (we did 5 in a row below normal that year, June to October 1989)

A special thanks to the folks at the El Paso National Weather Service office for the extra information.


Looking Ahead:

There is a slight chance that we'll make 5 months in a row for below normal temperatures as the Climate Prediction Center barely has us in the 33% chance of seeing below normal temps for the month of April. Rain could go either way as well, as CPC has us near the 33% marker for above normal precipitation. Granted that wouldn't be too hard to do since it's the driest month of the year. All it would take is one or two good rain storms. We'll see if this pans out. One conclusion I'm drawing from all of this, it seems the effects of El Niño are starting to weaken a bit as the typical El Niño patterns are no longer being reflected in the Climate Prediction Center forecast. One thing that isn't mentioned is wind. The windy season is here for sure and we've already seen one major wind storm this month (April Fool's Day)...and we will no doubt see a few more before all is said and done. Check out the maps below!


CPC April 2010 Precip:


CPC April 2010 Temps:

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