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Hot Weather Lovers Rejoice!

Hot Weather Lovers Rejoice!

POSTED: Tuesday, June 1, 2010 - 11:36am

UPDATED: Tuesday, June 1, 2010 - 4:17pm

Image: GFS Computer Model Upper Air Projection (NCAR)

Hottest weather of the year (so far) on the way for the upcoming weekend. Computer model projections have us into the lower 100s for temperatures Friday through early next week. An upper level ridge of high pressure will help cap off the atmosphere and induce sinking air. When air sinks, it warms, and suppresses cloud development. That means rain chances will be limited with hot sunshine across the area. We should be near or in record territory for temps this weekend. Just in time for the hottest month of the year. The last time we saw 100 degrees was August 20th, 2009, when we reached 101 degrees that steamy afternoon.

A look at the GFS computer model, valid Thursday afternoon, showing predicted high temps. Note that the brightest pink area is 100+ heat, which will be just east of the Borderlands Thursday afternoon.


Recap of May 2010:

May closed out on the hot note, but boy was it chilly to start the month. We opened May 2010 with temps only in the 60s and 70s. We also received our only official rain of the month early (the 2nd). Temperatures bounced around for the rest of the month with the warmest days being the 21st and 31st. We finished well below normal rain wise and we had less blowing dust compared to April 2010. It was still windy at times last month, with stronger wind storms on the 2nd and the 10th. In total temperatures were only half a degree above normal, likely thanks to the warm Memorial Day weekend close to the month. June may be a warm with, with the month typically the hottest of the year.

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