Gray Skies Now, Nice This Weekend

Gray Skies Now, Nice This Weekend

POSTED: Thursday, April 22, 2010 - 9:35am

UPDATED: Thursday, April 22, 2010 - 1:10pm

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Yet another storm system is moving across the Western United States. This storm another in a series of western troughs of low pressure that have brought us clouds, rain, and big dusts storms since the start of Spring. This is a slow moving and strong storm that will kick up gusty winds through the Thursday afternoon and evening. Spotty rain possible as the storm scoops up leftover moisture from past storms and a set-up from earlier last week that allowed southeast surface winds to advect (push) in moisture from the Gulf of Mexico. This storm clears out late tomorrow, bringing yet another round of hit or miss showers along with gusty winds. Temperatures will be chilly too, with highs running about 10 degrees below normal and nearly 20 degrees below normal tomorrow (normal highs near 80 this time of year). We'll finally clear out this major storm just in time for the weekend.

Dry weather will be with us through early next week with a minor disturbance some time late Monday into Tuesday. A more significant storm looks to hit the region at the end of next week. We'll of course keep you posted on that storm as we learn more through the weekend.

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80 Degree Days: 2009 Vs. 2010

After a fairly chilly start to 2010, April has been a warm month so far. Temperatures are running 2 degrees above average and we're on pace to break a string of 4 straight months of below normal temperatures. 2009 was a much warmer year, which we can compare using the number of 80 degree or warmer days. Last year through April 22nd, 80 plus or more had been achieved 20 times. Meanwhile, we've only hit 80 plus 14 times this year, with the bulk of those 80 degree days coming this month. With our current weather pattern, it's unlikely we'll see 80 today, tomorrow, nor Saturday. Even more telling, on this day last year, we reached our first 90 degree day of the year. We won't be anywhere near that today. The high temperature April 22nd, 2009? 91 balmy degrees.

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Grey skies are gonna clear up...put on a happy face.


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