It's Hot! But It Could Be Worse

It's Hot! But It Could Be Worse

POSTED: Tuesday, July 28, 2009 - 9:49am

UPDATED: Thursday, February 18, 2010 - 2:38pm

It's no secret that yesterday was a hot day. Today should be just as hot if not hotter. However, there is always a bright side: it could be hotter. A big ridge of upper level High Pressure (about 20,000 to 30,000 feet up in the atmosphere) is bringing the heat across the west. While yesterday we hit 100 degrees, the weather was hotter in Phoenix (114) and Las Vegas (111). What's even more amazing, the "cooler" pacific northwest is just as hot if not hotter than us! Portland Oregon hit a balmy 103 yesterday while Medford Oregon topped out at 105. Folks aren't use to this heat in Portland or anywhere else in the Northwest. Normal high temp this time of year in Portland is 81 degrees. Compare that to our normal high of 94, here in El Paso.

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