Four dead in Juarez bombing

POSTED: Friday, July 16, 2010 - 6:18pm

UPDATED: Tuesday, September 28, 2010 - 7:20pm

Juarez-- People in Juarez are recovering from a car bomb that killed four Thursday night. The victims include two federal agents, an ambulance worker and a doctor who was in the area when the bomb went off.

Tonight, we have learned that it was a car bomb that was detonated with the same kind of sophistication that is used by terrorist groups like Hezbollah.

A number of people were injured during the attack. Today we know that seven federal police agents were severely injured. A news photographer from channel 5 in Juarez remains in critical condition. One woman who owns a business nearby talked to us about her fears.

"As it is, we are not selling much. Can you imagine right now people are scared. We used to have many American customers. Right now that has drastically decreased," says the business owner.

According to police, it appears a Ford Focus was driven into a police convoy crashing into two federal police units.  Information from officials indicates that there were hand grenades attached to the gas tank of the car in order to cause the explosion. Juarez mayor Jose Reyes Ferriz said today that the general public shouldn't be worried because recent attacks have been focused on police. "Luckily it has been limited to either the police or the members of those two groups of organized crime. We don't have any information that leads us to believe any attacks are going to be made on the population itself," states Ferriz.

Law Enforcement has arrested the man they say masterminded the attack. The man is identified as Armando Acosta Guerrero. Authorities say he is a high ranking member of "La Linea", the enforcement arm of the Juarez cartel.

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As long as no Americans were hurt or killed who cares. Just less roaches to cross our border.

This is just the beginning! When you allow hoodlums to operate in your country and don't take action to stop it, this is the outcome.
We in America are headed here since we have an Attorney General and President who thwart the "rule of law" in so many of the things they are doing ...Justice Department, Congress and the office of the President (Zarr's everywhere and in every aspect of our lives).
America: IT is time to awaken and act to return this country to a God Fearing country.

The liberals will, of course, deny this is happening.

Mexico is our Palestine. Can we say Gaza Strip? And Obama will do nothing as usual. Well now we're really going to know what Israel deals with everyday.

Yes, Mexico will be our Palestine along with the American idiots that want to bring them all here through an open door policy! Just wait folks, this border is going to get really hot.

Dear Leader Obumbles T. Clown will simply point his P00 finger at conservatives and say its all Jorge Bushes fault!

Gotta get more of those undocumented democrats into the country!

I'm not worried, Obama is in charge and those nasty, mean little drug dealers would NEVER mess with the post-racial Messiah.

The Zionists never fail to show their true face of hatred against all nations. What is the meaning of inserting the name of a Lebanese Liberation movement in here? Will the American people start to recognize how they are being used in the planet for the Zionists interests?

Your post is completely illogical, although, looking at your username may explain where your head's at.

Just a matter of time before an Islamic Facist like "yeswecanshit" puts his two cents in. Can't stand the truth about the violence and mayhem that follows radical Islam? Your propaganda has been recognized and you have been exposed!

You know it is all the fault of the evil Americanos who can't get enough of illicit drugs...

Lock and load. . . . . Lock up your stores and load up your cars and get out of Dodge before it comes to a neighborhood near you.

IT's all very simple, people. These people don't respect the sovereignty or the borders of the USA. They will go to no ends to run their drugs, human trafficking, and guns into the US, and will use these murderous scare tactics to do so. We as a country, have drowned in our "political correctness" and refuse to question the passing of any Hispanic across the borders. I'm sorry, this is NOT racial profiling....not when 100% of the problem is from illegal Mexicans! Common sense is NOT profiling!

The islam-o-fascists have been in bed with the narco
criminals for years.
So, who was the suicide-murderer driving the car bomb?
A mohammadist psycho sociopath or a local gang banger?
How are the drug thugs convincing their minions to kill
themselves while committing mass murder? Have they
become muslims?
This report leaves alot to be desired. Too many unanswered
questions. I am hoping you journalists will dig out the answers.

This is war against the civilized peoples of the world. Government should act like it, and open am all out war against the narco terrorists. I supposed the hand grenades came from an American Wall Mart......

MX unsafe, big shock, NOT.

When are,The American and Mexican Army's going to grow a pair of balls and go in to the mafia compounds like Patton and Pancho and blow them away, to meet their maker nobody would miss them only their family's but thats o.k. because the way they earn the money they make is by murder and mayhem regardless of who gets in the way.Give me the reins of your Army's And Will Bring You Their Heads.

When are,The American and Mexican Army's going to grow a pair of balls and go in to the mafia compounds like Patton and Pancho and blow them away, to meet their maker nobody would miss them only their family's but thats o.k. because the way they earn the money they make is by murder and mayhem regardless of who gets in the way.Give me the reins of your Army's And Will Bring You Their Heads.

I used to love vacationing in Mexico, those days are over.

And the Juarez Mayor is a big help to the innocent bystanders who were severely hurt, don't worry, the cartels didn't mean to hurt you! Poor Mexico, who can the people turn to with a government like that?

the Juarez mayor is a coward, if feel secure living here in our town insteed of staying where he belongs since he wanted to be the Mayor. What kind of example is he showing??? Why did he want to be the head of Juarez if he does not have the courage to face all these murderers and fight them. I am sure there is still some honest policemen in Juarez who would love to be doing the right things, like fighting the cartels who ever they are. God Bless You honest people of Juarez.

A Great President would send the Army to the Border to protect the American citizens.

Ok, people. We know that there may be Middle Eastern terrorists in the US that have come through our porous border w/Mexico. Who's to say that they didn't transfer some of their knowledge of bomb-making to the more *ahem* illustrious citizens of Mexico?

cant wait until they figure out that the EPPD is a nice ripe target for the car bomb. Its not like there has been any progress in stopping the juarez serial killer (a mexican army officer) or the cartel who owns 2 hotels in el paso.

Perry has got to say: screw the feds-I am sending 70,000 troops to the border with orders to shoot to kill. We have got to get control of this before everything blows up!

So now the war comes to us. How many Americans will die when Hezbollah detonates a car bomb on American soil? A mall, a school, or a park, will those who feel Hezbollah is a peaceful organization still feel the same after the bloody carnage is broadcast-ed by the willing media.
Yes, I can see it now all of the major networks falling all over themselves to get that what they call in the media, "The Money Shot." You wanted hope and change. Forget hope, only change for the worse.

Hey kids, maybe if we just show some compassion and empathy toward these bombers they will quit it and be nice! Or, we could send in the Drones and not have to worry about these peaceful 'militants'.... Chips & margaritas in Juarez, no; .40 cal XD's, si!

During World War II, the Germans tried to get the Mexicans to engage the US in battles at the border. Doing so would draw US troops out of Europe and create a distraction for the Germans. (The Mexican government flatly refused to go along with this plan. To read more about it, do a search for the "Zimmermann Telegram" or Zimmermann Note".)

Is the Hezbollah is working with the drug cartels and attempting the same trick? Does the Hezbollah want there to be a full out war on the US border?

Dear Obama, Napalitano, DNC, DHS, and other libs:

Does this make it clear WHY Arizona has acted in self defense and why the border must be secured?

Or, is this part of your siege on America?

Be forewarned Obama and clan, your failure to seal the border and stop illegal immigration means you are aiding and abetting terrorists.

It only takes two people to accuse you of treason.

People shouldn't worry because the attacks are aimed at police? Are you serious? That statement makes me feel safe. Give me a break.

I quess if you see the Police you better run the other way.

Rome burns, and still Nero fiddles......

You are exactly right!

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