Four dead in Juarez bombing

POSTED: Friday, July 16, 2010 - 7:18pm

UPDATED: Tuesday, September 28, 2010 - 8:20pm

Juarez-- People in Juarez are recovering from a car bomb that killed four Thursday night. The victims include two federal agents, an ambulance worker and a doctor who was in the area when the bomb went off.

Tonight, we have learned that it was a car bomb that was detonated with the same kind of sophistication that is used by terrorist groups like Hezbollah.

A number of people were injured during the attack. Today we know that seven federal police agents were severely injured. A news photographer from channel 5 in Juarez remains in critical condition. One woman who owns a business nearby talked to us about her fears.

"As it is, we are not selling much. Can you imagine right now people are scared. We used to have many American customers. Right now that has drastically decreased," says the business owner.

According to police, it appears a Ford Focus was driven into a police convoy crashing into two federal police units.  Information from officials indicates that there were hand grenades attached to the gas tank of the car in order to cause the explosion. Juarez mayor Jose Reyes Ferriz said today that the general public shouldn't be worried because recent attacks have been focused on police. "Luckily it has been limited to either the police or the members of those two groups of organized crime. We don't have any information that leads us to believe any attacks are going to be made on the population itself," states Ferriz.

Law Enforcement has arrested the man they say masterminded the attack. The man is identified as Armando Acosta Guerrero. Authorities say he is a high ranking member of "La Linea", the enforcement arm of the Juarez cartel.

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Please I ask you to stop airing this video, it is very terrible to watch, I know the family of the doctor that died that day an honest and extremely kind person, his children are Americans and live in El Paso, I hope that they didn’t watched today news, because you showed that video today, have mercy I beg you.

you have the freedom to leave

Well it is apparent that when you have mass murders and car bombings you can pretty much attach it to terrorism. Isn't a car bombing an act of terrorism?

Until the Mexicans people rise up and overthrow the corrupt garbage stealing all their oil money, they do not deserve our pity or help. Letting them come here just allows their country to continue its cycle of corrupt presidents retiring to non-extradition countrys as billionaires.
When they overthrow the garbage, arm them and help them. Until them, jail evry one of them, in tents in the desert if necessary. They are not deserving of our help. Jail all helping them.
Ron Reale

The President of the United States attacks, sues and supports the boycott a state that is trying to secure our border. He then throws a party at the White House for the President of Mexico and offers unconditional support. Now we know why Obama appoints the low life's and dim bulbs in his Cabinet and inner circle. No one is smarter than the Big O. Do as your told, or you're going to get punishment you'll never forget. Welcome to the Obamanation.

we can secure our borders tomorrow, and stop illegal immigration overnight using the e-verify law already on the books but the anto american democ rats dont want to. they are fishing for millions of future democrat votes at the expense of the usa and at the expense of every american man woman and childs life and they just dont give a flying f*** about either, it makes me want to puke how many traitors we have now in washington who would put innocent lives at risk for power and votes.


This story tells it all when we have a president that is not facing the real world regarding terrorism when he said open the border.

This story tells it all when we have a president that is not facing the real world regarding terrorism when he said open the border.

Eric Fink has an agenda and perhaps an Israel-centric focus?

Why call this a “Hezbollah” type bombing? After all, the car bomb was invented in the US and used to devastating effect by Mario Buda, an anarchist who exploded his horse-drawn wagon on Wall Street in 1920. Though Buda was the first car bomber, his progeny are many.

Israel’s Zionist Stern Gang used car bombs in the late 1940′s to blow up buildings in Palestine in an attempt to drive out the British and terrorize Palestinians.

For all those who seem not to know: Hizb'allah is very active with Hugo Chavez (Iran leaders have visited him many times). Chavez is very tight with the drug lords.

Hizb"allah has brought in many active & Sleeper cells into the USA. If you think it's just Mexicans crossing the border, you have it wrong. The USA (Barack Hussein Obama) is not being protected.

When they hit, it won't be a joke.

I.M. Knotfooled again...where is your proof? Sounds like you are falling hook line and sinker for the new propaganda. This is WMD and Iraq all over again...same folks trying to get us to now attack Iran. Watch how it all plays out. They will tell you that in order to keep our Mexican border safe we have to attack Iran. Don't take my word for it just wait and see what happens...

With our borders unsecured, because of our cowardly President BARACK "the Liar" OBAMAnation and his cowardly party, the communist DEMOCRATS, how long will it be before this happens on "FREE" AMERICAN SOIL.

Oh now I get it are trying to link terrorism to the immigration debate. So you did have a political agenda in planting Hezbollah into your story just like Rep. Sue Myrick, R-N.C., did when she recently made the same connection in a letter to Homeland security worried about the connection between Mexican drug gangs and Hezbollah. Again nothing to back up these allegations but report them enough times and they must be true right? This is why no one trusts the main stream media anymor

Go stick your head back in the sand or maybe read the news from time to time. Hezbollah has been working with the cartels for a while and maintained cells in the U.S.A. before that. I am sure this will seem like a bad nightmare to you also so go back to sleep and remain in denial.

Just because you are ignorant of
the facts doesn't mean the Mexicans are not being paid 10 to 50,000 dollars to smuggle each terrorist in. Read the government reports that back up the claims, if you have time to take your head out of the sand. They are true, you are just another open border traitor, ready to let anyone in to kill us. No one has to try to link terrorism and illegals, they are one. The communists call people like you "useful idiots".
Ron Reale

The only link that was made was about the sophistication of the bomb. The rest... is in your brain.

Gameon you have obviously been playing too many video games. I really get a kick out of people that live on the LEFT coast or the east coast who try to comment on immigration matters. I live in EL PASO and I know what is taking place. Just a week or so ago our freaking El Paso city hall was riddled with bullets from weapons fired from across the border at us. Quit burying your head in the sand & having orgasms every time obama smiles. Look around & use the common sense that was given to you!

Moron do your Research.Last year alone the Border Patrol arrested 1200 Hundred people from Countries in the Middle East coming across our Southern Border.Typical Libtard Keep your head in the Sand and dont notice how Your President is Destroying this Great Country.

Time for you to stop drinking the kool-aid and find out the truth.

The bomb is all the evidence that's needed. the border is out of control, Mexico and it's drug wars are out of control. Sorry if the dirty situation doesn't meet your pie in the sky ideal. Remember, George Bush had the same pie in the sky idealism about Iraq, Afghanistan, and the Middle East.

Not saying the situation isn't bad on the border just don't like the phony reporting about a link to Hezbollah without any proof. There is a big push by the same folks who brought us the Iraq war to now attack Iran. It just sounds fishy like the WMD lies that got us to Iraq.

Watch how this plays out. They plant stories like this and the next thing you know we have to attack Iran to keep our Mexican border safe.

The fact is that numerous people from nations that support or have supported terrorism have been detained after crossing the border with Mexicans and others from Latin America. Detention center records show people from Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, Egypt, etc have been detained by the hundreds. Watch the news here (parts 1 and 2):

Even members of Hezbollah have crossed the border. Just watch the videos.

Let me see, we are keeping our borders open for this why?

On June 18, 2010, Arizona Republican Senator Jon Kyl told the audience at a North Phoenix Tea Party town hall meeting that during a private, one-on-one meeting with President Obama in the Oval Office, the President told him, regarding securing the southern border with Mexico, "The problem is, . . . if we secure the border, then you all won't have any reason to support 'comprehensive immigration reform.'"

15-25 million potential democrat voters

If they target the law enforcement what stops them from targeting civilians ??? DUH

"Tonight, we have learned that it was a car bomb that was detonated with the same kind of sophistication that is used by terrorist groups like Hezbollah."

What kind of bogus statement is that? The connection to Hezbollah is oddly placed and without any supporting evidence. Sounds like you either planted Hezbollah in the story to grab headlines or for some political agenda you are trying to push. Very fishy reporting.

The only thing fishy around here is that you are the only one that can not see what is happening! Where do you people come from? I suppose it is not hot in El Paso either!

This Eric Fink GARBAGE is hyperlinked at Drudge the zionist porker, entitled:

"Hezbollah-like car bomb kills 4 on Mexican border"

To ANYONE WITH INTEGRITY OR COMMON SENSE, that title is insulting. But this rot started with the loser FINK

Go the other way. Let's say a so-called "hate group" had hyperlinked to the very same site and declared:

" Israeli-like car bomb kills 4 on Mexican border"

Does anyone believe that the ADL or Dershowitz would condone that garbage?

So . . . NewsChannel9HD censors comments it doesn't like?!

There wouldnt be these drug wars if Mexico did not border the world's largest and most enthusuastic consumer of illegal drugs...the USA. But instead of dealing with and acknowledging OUR shortcomings and addictions, it is much more comfortable to blame those who supply our drug habits, isnt it?

and yet you dont want to blame a failed goverment of mexico that can't even give basic rights to its citizen's.Yet we gave millions to help stop this war but i don't see the goverment using that extra money to help the families that are being affected by this war. So how about you take that american hating attitude and transfer it to the real problem of a goverment that could care less about its people.Citizen's of mexico are oppressed and yet no one wants to blame their coutnries gov.

Prohibiton is the problem,not where drugs come from.Spending several hundred billions of dollars every year to prevent people from putting what they want into their bodies is madness.It sure didn't work for alcohol prohibition,and almost a hundred years in,it isn't working for drug prohibition.Give the addicts what they want,and you cut the illegal drug trade off at the knees overnight.

Put the bong down and step away slowly! You have had a little too much today. Come on and give me a break! Yeah, we will legalize it and that will solve all our problems? I think your Utopian dream seems a little simple minded. Get a job hippie!

People in Mexico have this warped way of thinking. I'm a US citizen and worked in Mexico for 8 years. A lady that worked at the plant had an accident at a nearby intersection where cars piled up two and three deep on a single lane, traffic light never worked so it was always a free for all. Me and several Mexican engineers discussed it. I listen to them try to assign blame and none blamed the faulty traffic light. After I brought it up they all looked at each and said Oh Yeah.

Time to close the BORDER, Mr. Obama. Come back from you 7th Vacation of the year and do your job.!!!
If that can't happen, then just keep on going; we'll get somebody else. Oh, yes, Please return the White House Key. Drop it in a US Mail Box and we'll gewt it. (eventuallly). We might need that for the NREW GUY. Your stuff will be easily found in Federal Storage.
Ok! We wish you well, and Good Bye.

Look Jose! We got a load of cement for the border. Who's got the rebar .

"Luckily it has been limited to either the police or the members of those two groups of organized crime." Luckily??? Yea, only cops are being targeted, just keep your distance from them and you should be able to avoid most of the damage from the car bombings..... What an idiot!!

Finally ready to consider the only solution? Legalize ALL drugs.

Legalize drugs? You only say that because you think you can get your fix cheaper! Well it wont be, because your leftest government will tax it too much. You will buy it from the cartels because it will be better and cheaper. In the end, it will still be a black market item because of morons like YOU!

And guns!!!

Law enforcement in Arizona has been catching gang members with "Farsi" tattoos in recent months. That's Iranian folks, and most likely from an Hezbollah influence. Add two and two together... it's just a matter of time.

Will they start seeing roadside bombs next or someone getting on a bus or walking into a crowded area with a vest packed with explosives? Terror is terror................

Bombs and bullets don't differentiate between policemen and civilians! If the cartels start using car bombs and other Islamic terrorist like tactics then the blood will only get deeper than it already is? Mexico could become like Iraq or Afghanistan? While the motivation may be different than in those places, the human toll will be the same! Makes you wonder if they are receiving training from terrorists who it has been rumored are paying the cartels to get them across the border?

Naturally, the terrorists coming into the US by way of our "secured" southern border are going to stop off and offer their skills to the highest bidder on the way to Washington or where-ever. Just makes sense to keep their skills honed and make some travel cash along the way!

If we can put men on the moon and return them, surely we can secure our borders. We can secure our borders without comprehensive immigration reform, if we have the will to do so; anyone who says we can not is telling a vicious lie. We need to vote out every tax and spend congressperson and replace them with constitutional originalists. As individuals, we need to support our conservative candidates for every elected office at every level of government.

Are all you idiots who voted for Obama feeling safe now?

And Obama wants to keep letting these nasty people in

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