Couple Says An Image Of The Virgin Mary Has Appeared At Their East El Paso Home

POSTED: Friday, June 3, 2011 - 2:19pm

UPDATED: Sunday, December 18, 2011 - 8:33pm

EL PASO- A stunning sight at an East El Paso home, where neighbors flock to see what they say is the apparition of the Virgin Mary.

The Virgin was first spotted Saturday in the backyard and has been appearing ever since.  But what makes this story even more interesting is the other images people say they see when they snap pictures, pictures of what some say are demons surrounding the virgin.

The homeowner has always called his backyard "Mary’s garden" and now what appears to be the image of the Virgin Mary has shown up on a rock wall.

“I don't know if this is a message from God. I don't know but it's just a miracle,” says Marta Ramirez, who came to see the Virgin.

It was Saturday night when the homeowners told us the image first showed up.  Alex Guillen says he had about 50 people over for his 50th birthday bash.  “We just all of a sudden saw like a light turn on and it turned out to be the Virgin Mary. She came on my 50th birthday. She still hasn't left,” says Alex.

We were there before sunset and watched the image appear right before our very eyes taking pictures every 10 minutes starting at 8:20 p.m.  “You can see the face right here. And then it goes all the way down right here. You can see her fingers and her robe goes all the way down,” says Alex.

Alex says the people who saw the apparition at his party started spreading the word and every day more people show up to pray, light candles and flowers by the virgin's apparition.

Martha Ramirez, a cancer survivor, is one of those who came to see the image for herself.  “I touched it and I felt so good but I didn't want to touch it at first because I didn't want it to go away and it didn't,” says Marta.

The pictures that people have taken have led to speculations of other images surrounding the Virgin.  “I've actually had people tell me that they saw Jesus Christ in back, just different things,” says Alex.  “It's a lot of speculation, you know, of you know, demons and goat heads and jackal heads and all kinds of stuff.”

Right in the middle of the Virgin's robe, you can see the image of a goat head.  “See the horns right here, the eyes, the nose the mouth, looks like a chin. Looks like it has horns,” says Alex.

In another picture, there's speculation about a skull.  We’ve magnified the image to take a closer look and let you judge for yourself.  And then in another picture, there's a glowing red head that appears to have horns.

“His face is red but it looks like a goat. It looks like a goat and I was just in awe,” says Nancy Guillen.  “My mother-in-law walked over to what she thought was a demon-looking thing and we poured holy water with it with the sign of the cross. And we did say a Hail Mary also, all of us,” says Alex.

Those images, plus what appears to be the number 5 at the bottom of the virgin's robe led Nancy, Alex's wife, to do some research on the internet to find out what the demons and the number 5 could all mean.

“And I ran into this virgin and it looked like the Virgin that appeared on my wall. So I clicked on her. I never heard of her, this name I’ve never heard and it so happened that she appeared in 1876,” says Nancy.

The article says the lady the Virgin appeared to had cancer and the Virgin told the woman she'd be ok.  “And it was telling her that she was going to be spared, that Christ was being merciful and she was going to live and he needed her here but she still had to suffer five more days for the five wounds of Christ,” says Nancy.

When she read about a demon also appearing with the image of the Virgin, she says she was convinced, this was the same Virgin.  “And the virgin tells this lady 'Do not fear, for my son is merciful and he has sent me here and you will be ok,'” says Nancy.

Alex says he also believes what the Virgin is trying to say is that she's there to protect against all evil forces.

“I have a feeling in my bones, she's taking care of me. She's getting evil away from me. She's getting evil away from me. She came in to protect me,” says Alex.

We tried contacting the Catholic Diocese for comment but we were told that the bishop is out of town.

To read more about the apparition of the Virgin in 1876 go to the following link:



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What a bunch of superstitous nonsense.

It's a fine line between faith and clinical insanity.

Too much Tecate at the birthday party - eh?


thats really cool but its scary

People are so desperate to believe in anything,
that even a cement stain would make them bow and pray.

As long as they're praying to God, Marty, I'm not making waves.

I guess if your at a party you can see what you want to see. It may be a vision of a woman or a man in drag. You believe what your faith or your common sence dictates. People see things like this all the time, Why has KTSM gone to the bottom of the barrel to find news stories. PLEASE, stop with the sensationalizing of visions, the end of the world, poop ally? and a man getting arrested for a small amount of pot and a mug shot of a "happy man"? Where is the journalism, the news?

If you have nothing good to say, 007, then please be silent. It is what it is. In my opinion, the greatest news ever would be news of God, or any heavenly diety, walking among us. If this even comes close, it's news. I'm sorry you for you that you won't even consider the possibility.

We have to be carefull with these issues, Harold Camping started a bad vibe:

Exodus 3:14 And God said unto Moses, I AM THAT I AM: and he said, Thus shalt thou say unto the children of Israel, I AM hath sent me unto you. Nuff said...!

Scary, superstitious people. El Paso might as well be living in the middle ages. Grow up, please. It's time to grow up now.

You don't have to be so negative. Good things DO happen in this world.

Scary? Superstitious? It's in front of your eyes...Grow up and read the bible, if you believe deep in your heart, anything is possible and I believe that there are messages everywhere, I have seen them, when I light a candle and the wax melts into a perfect heart...I believe it's a sign from my son who was born on Valentines Day and passed on at nine months...he is sending a message he is still here with THINKNOW, I think YOU need to grow up and open your heart, might learn something!!

Thank you for proving my point more effectively than if I had pointed out your disillusion myself. "If you believe deep in your heart, anything is possible"...if you educate yourself, you'll learn that fairy tales, and magical/wishful thinking do not hold up to reality. Your religion is morally bankrupt and you worship a Jealous, Wrathful Bully and a virgin who "appears" on concrete walls and tortillas.
Someone asking you to Grow Up is not unreasonable. Mental health care is out there for you.

Hasn't anyting good ever happened in your life? You sound so negative. Maybe you need to BELIEVE in something.

oh. brother.


Okay so your dying(in the future) where are you headed oh most all knowing one?
When your gazing into flames for the rest of eternity I think you'll be singin another song.

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