Couple Says An Image Of The Virgin Mary Has Appeared At Their East El Paso Home

POSTED: Friday, June 3, 2011 - 2:19pm

UPDATED: Sunday, December 18, 2011 - 8:33pm

EL PASO- A stunning sight at an East El Paso home, where neighbors flock to see what they say is the apparition of the Virgin Mary.

The Virgin was first spotted Saturday in the backyard and has been appearing ever since.  But what makes this story even more interesting is the other images people say they see when they snap pictures, pictures of what some say are demons surrounding the virgin.

The homeowner has always called his backyard "Mary’s garden" and now what appears to be the image of the Virgin Mary has shown up on a rock wall.

“I don't know if this is a message from God. I don't know but it's just a miracle,” says Marta Ramirez, who came to see the Virgin.

It was Saturday night when the homeowners told us the image first showed up.  Alex Guillen says he had about 50 people over for his 50th birthday bash.  “We just all of a sudden saw like a light turn on and it turned out to be the Virgin Mary. She came on my 50th birthday. She still hasn't left,” says Alex.

We were there before sunset and watched the image appear right before our very eyes taking pictures every 10 minutes starting at 8:20 p.m.  “You can see the face right here. And then it goes all the way down right here. You can see her fingers and her robe goes all the way down,” says Alex.

Alex says the people who saw the apparition at his party started spreading the word and every day more people show up to pray, light candles and flowers by the virgin's apparition.

Martha Ramirez, a cancer survivor, is one of those who came to see the image for herself.  “I touched it and I felt so good but I didn't want to touch it at first because I didn't want it to go away and it didn't,” says Marta.

The pictures that people have taken have led to speculations of other images surrounding the Virgin.  “I've actually had people tell me that they saw Jesus Christ in back, just different things,” says Alex.  “It's a lot of speculation, you know, of you know, demons and goat heads and jackal heads and all kinds of stuff.”

Right in the middle of the Virgin's robe, you can see the image of a goat head.  “See the horns right here, the eyes, the nose the mouth, looks like a chin. Looks like it has horns,” says Alex.

In another picture, there's speculation about a skull.  We’ve magnified the image to take a closer look and let you judge for yourself.  And then in another picture, there's a glowing red head that appears to have horns.

“His face is red but it looks like a goat. It looks like a goat and I was just in awe,” says Nancy Guillen.  “My mother-in-law walked over to what she thought was a demon-looking thing and we poured holy water with it with the sign of the cross. And we did say a Hail Mary also, all of us,” says Alex.

Those images, plus what appears to be the number 5 at the bottom of the virgin's robe led Nancy, Alex's wife, to do some research on the internet to find out what the demons and the number 5 could all mean.

“And I ran into this virgin and it looked like the Virgin that appeared on my wall. So I clicked on her. I never heard of her, this name I’ve never heard and it so happened that she appeared in 1876,” says Nancy.

The article says the lady the Virgin appeared to had cancer and the Virgin told the woman she'd be ok.  “And it was telling her that she was going to be spared, that Christ was being merciful and she was going to live and he needed her here but she still had to suffer five more days for the five wounds of Christ,” says Nancy.

When she read about a demon also appearing with the image of the Virgin, she says she was convinced, this was the same Virgin.  “And the virgin tells this lady 'Do not fear, for my son is merciful and he has sent me here and you will be ok,'” says Nancy.

Alex says he also believes what the Virgin is trying to say is that she's there to protect against all evil forces.

“I have a feeling in my bones, she's taking care of me. She's getting evil away from me. She's getting evil away from me. She came in to protect me,” says Alex.

We tried contacting the Catholic Diocese for comment but we were told that the bishop is out of town.

To read more about the apparition of the Virgin in 1876 go to the following link:



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is it Idylz61 or idle eyes?

The owners of the house where this "apparition" occurs are notorious for wanting attention and making up stories to get it. First it was satan appearing. Well that didn't get much publicity, so now it's the figure of the virgin mary - - - PLEASE!! This is nothing more than a hoax put on by these pathetic people. They simply arranged their lighting to produce the effect . . . 8PM, miracle on; 10:30PM miracle off!! The really sad part is how all of you suckers are falling for this!!

Where did you get the idea that at 10:30 pm miracle off? Are you pissed off cuz they kicked you out? Ha Ha for your information these people(the owners) work and are tired of having to stick around until viewers leave! They don't owe skeptics, Atheists, nor anyone any explanations. No one is being forced to believe anything... either you do or you don't, now zip it !!!

I once had a poop that looked like John the Baptist's head. It came to me when I was snowed in at a catholic retreat and we had nothing to eat but the holy eucharist.

Not funny at all. You are such a loser.

You're gonna wish you were a poop when your time comes. Your corny jokes are only funny to you and to idiots like you. If this is the way you were raised without morals then maybe you should have been aborted. I don't like to say these things to anyone but there are many innocent people with good kind hearts but with some sort of handicap. And i bet you are healthy but have a filthy heart and a wicked mind...what a waste !!

Why do atheists constantly feel the need to post on religious matters? Maybe there's something lacking and a need to compensate by acting superior? Sit in silence for a little while, or better yet, find a Catholic Church that has Eucharistic adoration and go there and sit for a few minutes a day for a few days and see if things don't become a little clearer.

Amen to your comment Chesterton101!! It's true how Atheists claim not to need God nor believe in God yet they feel threatened or the need to lash out and speak negatively. I've seen and heard many things i disagree with about other religions and i keep to myself cuz i think " to each his own ", yet every other religion feels they can lash out and criticize catholics, God, Mary, or whatever it is that bothers them.



There are ONLY 7 genuine apparitions of the Blessed Mother in HISTORY!

Medjugorge is NOT one of them.....neither is Garabandal!

So, this is not authentic, UNTIL the Church says it is authentic.

Why not try to learn more SOLID FOOD of the Catholic Religion, rather than running after these alleged private revelations?

We cannot say one way or the other however we do know something is taking place in the spirit realm. This cannot be disputed. We know that common sense tells us that evil is around Holiness trying to pull it down. We know this. Whether or not the apparition is ''okayed by the church''we do know there are things out of our hands that cannot be claimed by man but God is in complete charge and coincidentally God has not fallen off his thrown as a result of man's doubting thomas reaction. God bless

if you really want to see the Virgin and pay real homage, drive up the street to the CHURCH! i'll save you a spot. plus there is better parking that does not include MY DRIVEWAY!

if you really want to see the Virgin and pay real homage, drive up the street to the CHURCH! i'll save you a spot. plus there is better parking that does not include MY DRIVEWAY!

To those who believe, no explanation is necessary. To those who do not believe, no explanation will suffice.

Amen to that MisterBeee ; )Couldn't have said it better myself.

boy, that Mary and his kiddo sure do get around. bakery windows, armpit stains, rock walls, toast, tortillas, candy... showing up everywhere except in reality. these "images" of the object of a Middle Eastern fairy tale thousands of years old are worse than idiotic. religion is the most horrible invention of humanity.

"This is the reason, my dear brothers, why you
must keep clear of idolatry...The sacrifices that they offer they sacrifice to demons who are not God. I have no desire to see you in
communion with demons". 1 Corinthians 10:14,20

It is time for change!Isn't it so obvious the world is suffering so much and we need to change our selfish ways. Don't blind good to eachother!

Well I Think It's A Blessing To Those People To Have That On Thier Wall.

Come on It's a shadow! Why don't you cut the tree and see if it reappears. I am all for prayer but this is just ridiculous.

Hello to all the aetheists and Christian Born Agains:I've lived in the mystical Body of Christ since birth as a Roman Catholic. The miracles I have witnessed, the messages I have recieved, the prayers that have been answered are awesome. I really don't want some I-Am-Better-Than-You, I-Know-The-Bible-Better, person implying that my respect for the way Catholics worship is demonic. How dare you! God has shown his love for me endlessly, if HE thought I was doing something evil, HE would tell me.

Well that's just great- now we have a "discussion" on our hands! Exactly what Satan loves.
Suffice it 2say, it's happening again - first 2JesusChrist, and now, 2the Virgin Mary. Whether or not it's an authentic apparition, we don't need the strife. If you believe- good. If not- don't make waves.

We killed Christ 4 speaking out about his divinity. Even if this "apparition" only coincidentally looks like Mary, it's always an excellent reason 2 enhance our faith. Peace!

Yes, Christians persecuting Christians is the Kingdom splitting itself isnt it? But Satan's influence runs long throughout the history of Man and he certainly understands where to hit and how to hit and when to hit, to damage us. He brings down many and confuses us so that we fall away. It would be difficult for me to believe that ANY GOOD THING that causes any person to call upon God,whether percieved,physical or FROM THE HOLY SPIRIT,that this would be bad.We're taught do not accuse falsely

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia already did an episode like this a few years ago.

People sure are idiots.

-Andrew A

I am a religious man and would love to visit this site where is it. May I come? sandcrystal21 is the start then

I'd also love to visit it. I actually knocked on the door and was told, "no, not here!" The news team told me they want to keep it private. Still, I'm certain the mother of God does not want only ONE family to benefit. Genuine apparitions serve the purpose of rallying believers back to God. I believe this family has a duty to expose every interested person to this "miracle." It would be selfish, otherwise.

It's nonsense like this that detracts from our faith and gives fodder to those who already scoff and mock religion..enough already.Make a pilgrimage to an actual Holy site if you need imagery for confirmation of your faith or healing.

I was at the party and its true, it was a wonderful feeling that I cant explain. But all of us that were at the party on Saturday felt very special and blessed.

Hello i would love to get the address if you woun't mind i have cancer and would love to see this. thanks take care susana

Susana, were you to have your cancer miraculously cured, this would absolutely prove (to nonbelievers) that this is a supernatural, devine apparition. There's a prayer that Ellen prayed to have her cancer miraculously cured. Pray that to her anyway and if you don't get cured, pray more. The prayer is on the last page at

What's your address? R u willing to allow the public into your property?

In Medjugorje, Our Lady protected the property from wars and weather & everyone & every property there 2 this day has been safe.

I'd like to go and I think that all too soon you will discover the exact number of believers in El Paso - when we show up in your back yard to pray the Rosary.

An apparition in your back yard means you have been called & have a duty to respond and to serve.
R u okay with that?

well i gotta say that the right thing to do is to open doors to the children of Christ andthe people of GODS works..its a calling for all Godly human bein to give praises to..if it was my yard every living an creeping,crawling insect which wanted to show up for the mercy of the fact that they have bear wittness to this holy gift would be invited in the name of the LORD JESUS CHRIST AMEN..i say hallelujah in the name of the LORD and may Glory be thy name..This Family is redeemed...i do believe it

I must agree--as there is such the absence of Faith in God, people need to see things they may not have otherwise understood before or recognized. For the world has certainly gone astray, and unfortunately yes, there are those like Camping etc who lead more astray than they help in their own self-righteousness. Jesus DID say there would be these people as the end of the Age closed in. So if Satan is working harder, knowing his time nears and end, why WOULDN'T God work even more to show His Love?

ISeeGod, you make sense.

It's not Godly it's demonic illusion. As there is God there is Satan and 1/3 of demonic angels that rebeled and got kicked out of heaven which posses supernatural powers and roam the earth were obiously seen.People read the BIBLE! The Roman Catholics contradict the Bible and The 2nd Ten Commandment:
"Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image, or any likeness of any thing that is in heaven above, or that is in the earth beneath, or that is in the water under the earth:" Exodus 20:4

Wiseword, please be informed that we Do Not worship images or statues, they are mere reminders of Jesus, Mary and the saints...When I look at Jesus crucified I know just how much He loved me and it reminds of how much He suffered for my salvation. My Son died 6 years ago and I love looking at his picture hanging on my wall, that dear wiseword is not my son on the wall its a reminder of him...Please pick up a real Bible so that you can better understand the Catholic faith and tradition

Your statement reveals an ignorance of the biblical facts surrounding statues. In Exodus 20:4 God condemned the carving of statues for the sake of worshipping them as idols-a blasphemy the Catholic Church also condemns. In Exodus 25:18-20, on the other hand, God commands Moses to carve statues for a religious purpose: two cherubim to sit atop the Ark of the Covenant. Similar divine commands to carve statues and embroider images of various religious objects are found in Exodus 21:6-9,Num. 21:6-9

The first Church does not contradict the bible and the 2nd commandment. We worship ONE God in the tritiny. We merely look to the heroes of our faith for inspiration to keep living it for Jesus. Mary is just one out of many examples. Even St. Paul encouraged us to have heroes in the faith, to look up to them and emulate their heroism.

Thank you for saying this. I despite people who use the saints or our love for the Holy Mother as ways to dig into our faith and what we believe. People don't understand that we aren't worshipping them as we would God. It is the weakest way to undermine the faith of those living in the Catholic faith.

Does this event, real or euphoric,cause folks to gather in Praise of God? Jesus said"Where several gather in my name, there will I be"
Originally under Roman persecution, Roman Catholics survived death and persecution in order to establish THE CHURCH. All other Churches spring forth from their heroism in spreading Faith, they are the head of the body of Christ.
Regarding this particular image, the homeowner did not say that he created it, but that it somehow appeared to him so why Exodus 20:4

I believe in miracles.
Our Lady said satan is losing to God &She will appear where ever necessary 2prove God is real &2 bring us 2reconcile with him.

The Bible says She will appear many times, as SHE has been 4many years & with HER help, Satan will be defeated.
In Medjugorje, all the non-believers who have gone 2visited HER have returned crying 2believing, many having witnessed or experienced miracles.
Skeptics should visit 4a first hand miracle.

EXODUS 20:4-6 "You shall not make for yourself a carved image, or any likeness of anything that is in heaven above, or that is in the earth beneath, or that is in the water under the earth; you shall not bow down to them nor serve them. For I, the LORD your God, am a jealous God,...

This is the 2nd commandment.

I've never heard of this virgin before. In fact, the virgin in Medjugorje is said to be SO BEAUTIFUL that her beauty is overwhelming. I wonder why this apparition isn't beautiful.

If you're waiting for the vatican to confirm anything, forget it.You only have this life.It would be good to see what a bishop says, though. If you were a Godly person, then, why not? With faith in God everything is possible. Best wishes.

His Mother says God wants us 2pray the Rosary & read t'Bible daily,fast on Wed &Fri frm 12-12, confess monthly, receive Holy communion &live God's way(ten commandments) 2reconcile with God &go 2heaven.
I want 2join u 2pray the Rosary. In Medjugorje, now holy land because of the apparitions, pilgrims who visit ALSO say HER presence IS SO REAL they r filled with an overwhelming peace &love that emanates frm HER. I hope similarities make ur home holy land. or org

first of all you need to know the Lord JesusChrist, and you have to know that the rosary is not in the Bible and it is a sin to pray to another other than God that image is not real please ignorant people that are spiritually blinded that need to give their lives to Jesus and know the truth

She also appears daily in Medjugorje,a town where all the people have statues & paintings of Jesus & faith in God is strong?
They ALSO threw holy water at Her apparition.

She wants "to let everyone know that God is real."

She performs miracles & said SHE wants everyone to know She is here to invite everyone to God & will continue appearing until every person has heard about her, even if she has to come into every single house Herself.


Its a stain on the wall...nothing more or less. If God was trying to send you a message...and God would be the one doing that, not Jesus's mother...he wouldnt do it by sticking a blob on the wall of your backyard...

Stop praising idols. One golden calf was enough.

The devil's voice is sweet to hear...

In fact, Jesus does send his mother and this is in the Bible. You're right about being prudent, but, were this "stain" asking us to pray to GAGA, for example, THEN, I'd wonder. If people are compelled to return to or believe in God, what, exactly, is the problem with tht? More power to HIM!

I do fell sad for you and your respond if you don't belive then don't say anything just keep ur ignorant answers to your self.

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