Russ Pappas - Weather Forecaster/Multimedia Journalist

Russ Pappas Weather Forecaster/Multimedia Journalist

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Russ Pappas was born in Connecticut, raised in Oklahoma and attended school in Missouri. He lived in Colorado most of his life, but met his true love in Memphis where their son was born years later.

Russ returned to KTSM because of the inspiration the Sun City brings him. He has been creating a piece of art mentally for a few years, but has not found the right time to put it on a canvas.
When it comes to storytelling, he views it as piecing together a jigsaw puzzle with sound. Every day Russ works tirelessly to collect his pieces until he ultimately makes them one at his desk.

His favorite stories are about weather-–- all 365 of them. Russ does his best to deliver you each one with originality and enthusiasm, smiling all the while.

In his free time, he loves spending time with his family cooking, hiking and occasionally, having a garage sale. However, one hobby tops them all, restoring furniture.