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Kay Recede Multimedia Journalist

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Kay Recede traded in redwood trees for cacti when she moved to El Paso. She was born In San Francisco and raised in a Vallejo, a suburb close to the city, where she lived most of her life. While her first love is journalism, Kay has always had a fascination with writing and expressing people's stories through other media outlets.

She received her Bachelor's of Art in Rhetoric with a concentration in Public Discourse and a minor in Asian American Studies from the University of California, Berkeley. Kay went on to receive her Certificates in Broadcast Journalism and Video Production and Editing after graduating.

The native Californian got her first gig in journalism as a reporter for 'One Philippines', a print magazine in the San Francisco area. She then moved to broadcast as a reporter at KIEM-TV in Eureka, California. While there, she covered stories such as revealing corruption and embezzlement at one of the North Coast's tribes.

While she does miss the Pacific Ocean's breaking waves and mild Bay Area weather, Kay is enjoying herself in the Borderland. She now partakes in two of her favorite things: hiking and eating great food.

In Kay's free time, she hits the outdoors, volunteers as a Big Sister and cooks for others-- though you may not want to eat it!

You can watch Kay at 5,6, and 10 p.m., Monday through Friday.

Find her on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/krecede
Twitter: http://twitter.com/kayrecede
Email: krecede@ktsm.com