Chuck DeBroder - Chief Meteorologist

Chuck DeBroder Chief Meteorologist

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Chuck DeBroder loves to talk and he loves weather! So his career as a television meteorologist is naturally more fun than work.

Chuck, who was born during a January snowstorm in Denver, Colorado, likes to think he was influenced by weather right from the start. Colorado has a wide variety of weather: strong storms, flooding, hail, tornadoes, blizzards-- you name it! He saw it all growing up!

His mom was the biggest influence for getting into television weather. She watches every weathercast on every channel all night long!

However, Chuck's gift for talking can be attributed to his kindergarten teacher. During a timeout, he was given a Fisher-Price microphone and told to pretend he was on the radio. An hour later, he was still babbling away.

Chuck attended the University of Southern Colorado in Pueblo, Colorado, where he worked as a radio host his freshman year and won the Silver Mic Broadcasting Award for his work. He received a double emphasis in Broadcasting and Public Relations from what is now called Colorado State University-Pueblo.

Chuck tried his hand first as a paid intern for the Adolph Coors Company and then as a consultant in tourism his senior year. At this point, he knew corporate communications was not a career path for him, so he went back to college to pursue a second degree in Meteorology from Metropolitan State College in downtown Denver, Colorado.

With a degree in hand, Chuck was hired to work for KCBD in Lubbock, Texas, as a weekend meteorologist. During his spare time, Chuck also doubled as a hardworking waiter.

About a year and a half later, KTSM hired him on May 29, 1995, and it has been home ever since! He worked weekend and morning weather until 1999 when he was promoted to chief meteorologist.

Chuck was the Ciudad Juarez Weather Service for two years just before, during and after the August 2006 Floods. He also is used as a consultant for international emergency projects, speaks at schools, judged chili cook offs and much more! He find giving back to the community is one most rewarding experiences out there.

Chuck loves the people of El Paso and across the Borderlands! He enjoys the Mexican food and the rich culture the area offers, and more than anything, he likes to spend his down time enjoying the beautiful outdoors. Chuck considers himself a very lucky person to be here.