Bianca Cervantes - Online Media Producer

Bianca Cervantes Online Media Producer

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Bianca Cervantes' KTSM journey began in January 2012, when she was hired to man the online frontier for NewsChannel 9. Within weeks, her love for storytelling in news was expressed into feature reports, thus evolving her position behind the scenes into the studio in front of the camera.

Currently, she manages the web and social media pages for NC9, but also loves the opportunity she has been given to report daily on our "Trending Now" segment during the 6:30 p.m. newscast every weekday.

News was always a big part of Bianca's life, and she began learning the responsibilities of a newsroom in high school as newspaper editor. It all comes down to the art of storytelling, which is something she's embraced as her passion since first learning to write as a child.

The news industry combines storytelling with the duty of informing and educating our community with issues that matter. Bianca was lucky to have been guided by wonderful and ethical mentors, particularly during college while attending the University of Texas at Austin.

To this day, she proudly accredits her adjunct professors, Michael Whitney (former 60 Minutes Executive Producer) and Nell Carroll (Austin-American Statesman Photo Editor), for instilling values of ethics, accuracy and most importantly knowing the purpose of a journalist: to give back to the community.

Helping others and improving our community organically is a priority in Bianca's life and career. In an effort to more actively involve the community with the news, she welcome any ideas, suggestions or tips at

Bianca was born and raised in El Paso. The city’s culture and growth is reflective of the Chuceña that you see today. She's an avid local music scene supporter, so you’ll likely catch her at shows or music festivals during time off.

When she's not jammin’ out, Bianca is either scribbling film scenes for screenplays or hiding behind her camera snappin’ flicks. She love to write, shoot and above all, telling stories.

Follow Bianca on Twitter: @Bianca_KTSM