Amber Downing - Anchor/Multimedia Journalist

Amber Downing Anchor/Multimedia Journalist

I was born in Humble, Texas. So this is where I usually say, "I literally had Humble beginnings." But that's a terrible joke, so let's move on. I grew up near Dallas and majored in Electronic News at the University of North Texas. My first two television jobs were in Beaumont, Texas. I loved the experience I got there…from the people to the food to the beach! I came to El Paso and KTSM in July of 2011 in search of great people and great stories.

My favorite thing about El Paso is the prevelance of history. I like being able to go out and not only see history in the making, but visit the sites that helped make El Paso and the Southwest what it is today.

The best stories are the ones where afterward you can tell you made a difference. I love the opportunity to tell a story that's not getting told…to give that person a chance to tell their story. You never know who or how many people that story will impact.

In my time off I run (though not very fast!) and I love taking day trips around the Borderland.