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El Paso Cell Phone Ban One Step Closer To Reality

POSTED: Wednesday, February 24, 2010 - 7:15am

UPDATED: Thursday, February 25, 2010 - 8:05pm

El Paso is one step closer to banning cell phones while driving.

City Council has unanimously voted to introduce an ordinance that would do just that. Representative Rachael Quintana is behind the proposed ban that could go into effect as soon as April 1st.

She put the item on yesterday's agenda, saying the law would make city streets safer.

The next step is public comment. That's when you can weigh in on the issue in front of city council. It's also when council could make a final vote on the issue.

That'll happen in two weeks.

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Hey Bruce, newsflash man but if you go to any city it's all the same everywhere. Not just in El Paso. But let me guess, you're from a lil hick town where you all walk to your destination and you probably don't even have a highway... AM I RIGHT??? Try to go to anotherr city and it might even be worse.

Outstanding proposal by Rep. Quintana, trying to keep her city council job in light of her pending criminal case. Texting and driving are a problem with drivers. I read a fellow citizens complaint in which he said " even if it’s against the law I am still going to do it". Well, drunk driving is against the law and people still do it. The resolution will surely save lives, reduce accidents attributed to cell phone use and most importantly hit violators in the pocket book. More money for the city!

Normally I would not support such a measure. But, El Paso is notorious for having bad drivers. And cell phones is just one of many reasons that I fear for my life on a daily basis while driving. My wife refuses to drive during rush hours now, due to the terrible driving habits of people in El Paso, particularly while driving on the freeway. People routinely speed too much, they cut you off, swerve around you, and are not attentive.

The drivers here are just plain inconsiderate.

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