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County Employees Fed Up With Furloughs

POSTED: Tuesday, March 2, 2010 - 8:28am

UPDATED: Tuesday, March 2, 2010 - 7:10pm

It's the fight over furloughs and it has some County Commissioners reconsidering a decision to make employees go three days without pay.

"While we are willing to accept the first furloughs the county wanted us to take, three more would kill us all," said county employee Patricia Bustomonte.

County employees are already taking four and say three more days without pay is pushing it.

"For us to pay for the county's deficit is not right," said Bustomonte.

Many employees like Bustamonte are upset with County Commissioners decision last week to add three more furlough days to help balance a multi-million dollar budget deficit.

"I wish you commissioners would brainstorm and come up with another way to do this that doesn't involve taking away more from the county employees," said one employee while speaking in court.

And that's what at least one commissioner hopes to do by postponing a final decision for two weeks.

"I'm not saying that I can do anything more but I'm willing to try," said Commissioner Willie Gandara.
He wants to meet with department heads to see if there's other way to cut costs before resorting to furloughs or layoffs.
That didn't sit well with Judge Anthony Cobos who says there's no time for another delay.
In the end commissioners voted to postpone the decision.
While it's not a popular option with employees, Gandara reminded employees that furloughs are an alternative to layoffs.

"For every day we furlough, that's 6 county staff we don't have to let go.".

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Furloughing your public safety employees... brilliant move. Meanwhile I am sure you are spending a boatload on "improving" the colonias.

Why don't you spend the taxpayers money on the taxpayers? Or is that too difficult of a concept to grasp?

It's not like county employees suffer from low paying jobs anyway. Other people who have been layed off after many years of working for only one company have dealt with: I'm prety sure- much more road blocks (like can't finding a job that match-up to the previous one) than county employees whom are still employed, not getting payed less and lucky that they still have a job.
It's not a matter of how many more days without pay we need to make, it's about trying to keep everyone in/or with a job.

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