Thunder from Down Under

POSTED: Wednesday, August 18, 2010 - 5:18pm

UPDATED: Thursday, August 19, 2010 - 8:07pm

EL PASO - Australia's hottest import lands in the Sun City to soak up some rays and to play to a packed house at Sunland Park Casino.

"It's just a high-energy dance show that the girls always love and they come see it.  Some get a bit more wild than it's always different."

Thunder from Down Under... Australian for sizzling hot... and when these Aussies take a dip it's like beef stew.

"We take our clothes off and we reveal quite a bit."

These muscle-bound blokes from the land down under have made it to the top as part of this all-male revue which began in Australia 20 years ago.  They are now "hot-to-trot" the globe... performing for sheila's all over the world... and in Las Vegas where these hunks help give the "strip" its name.

"There's not too many situations where girls can go out as a group and see guys dancing on stage so that's sort of a phenomenon itself."

The guys say this show will make you do things you never thought to do before.

"We like to oil up, try to prep our bodies so they look as good as they can onstage for the girls."

Stephen Berry joined the troupe eight months ago to heat up the stage as the fireman character featured in the show.  Thunder veteran Adam Hughes says he makes sure the new mates... like Berry... keep their biceps larger than their egos.

"When you first join the show, it does sort of...well, it can get to your head a little bit, but us experienced guys, we sort of tend to bring those new guys down to size and say you know, look, we're part of a team that's been going for many years and we're sort of a privileged job where you get to travel around and perform for ladies."

A team that seems to have a boomerang effect on the ladies where they always want to come back for more.  Hughes issues this warning.

"We'll be back, ladies."

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I've never seen Ben laugh so hard, or so nervously. If he only had pecs he could make some Thunder himself...

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