Shapleigh speaks out on EPISD

POSTED: Friday, June 11, 2010 - 6:01pm

UPDATED: Monday, November 15, 2010 - 8:51pm

Accusations are flying.  Senator Eliot Shapleigh says the El Paso Independent School District is cheating the system, and taking money that's not theirs.

In a news conference today, Shapleigh said he's calling for a federal investigation against EPISD's Superintendent Lorenzo Garcia. He gave us documents he says prove that the district forced more than 200 students out on TAKS test day at Bowie, in order to get better grades.  With better grades, Garcia is supposed to get bonus money.

"We should take great care, to teach every child and give him or her an opportunity to succeed, and leaving 55% behind is not a legacy that we can stand by and watch," said Shapleigh.

Garcia denies the allegations.  "They are false, hurtful, and unnecessary. Today we must question the senator's motive, his agenda, his timing, he seems to be overzealous," said Garcia

Election day is Tuesday, and Shapleigh has called for voters not to support a new tax that will help fund the district.

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Investigate! This is un-ethical and un-professional...

Whomever is behind these allegations and investigations are found to be true then the penalty SHOULD TERMINATIION.

I was wondering if you have read the letter that Senator Shapleigh wrote to Dr. Garcia (EPISD) dated May 18, 2010? It is posted on his webpage:

I now understand why Senator Shapleigh is so upset with what might be going on at the EPISD. You may want to read it and see if it has any merit regarding TAKS testing and student success, I know that I am now wondering if there might be more going on than then public knows about.

I think it is shameful and unpatriotic what Shapleigh is doing and saying. Hey Shapleigh, show us what you're talking about, on the table, or shut your liberal mouth up.
Your tactics are obscene and horrendous. You are on your way out and you pull this kind of Commie tactic? I am glad I no longer vote for any liberals, no matter what. I believe in this city and country, unlike you. You and Nobama are two peas in a pod.

They need to also investigate what El Paso Independant School district is doing with all the Federal Money that is given to them for Special Needs Students. With all the Special needs cut backs and support that the district is doing, what are they doing with all the money because the Federal Govt. has not cut back on the amount they get.

Senator Shapleigh's agenda and motive is to bring to light to the public EPISD Superintendent Garcia's unethical methods in cheating the state and federal educational accountability systems. It is shameful what Dr. Garcia has done to EPISD in the name of No Child Left Behind (NCLB). Teachers and hourly employees are between a rock and a hard place. If they do not vote for the tax increase, than they do not get a salary increase. Trim the at Central Office, to include Super's Salary.

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